Intro and having a really tough day

Hi ladies,

I had my little man on May 1st, 24 days early, via emergency csection due to placenta previa. Since the beginning we have struggled with breast feeding and have realized the only way is to use the nipple guard. Once this worked and we have been doing well I was so excited. He has had issues with bilirubin but we were discharged yesterday and went back today for bloodwork for him. His doctors office called and said it went up and I have to stop bf for the next 24 hours and pump and dump and dump everything I've saved so far bc my bilirubin is making his already high even higher. I am so upset right now. We just established a great bond and latch and now we have to give bottles of formula. Anyone else have this experience? First I feel horrible bc my body makes it nearly impossible to latch and now my milk is only hurting him. Feeling like such a bad mom.

Re: Intro and having a really tough day

  • I haven't had a similar experience, but you're not a bad mom. You're doing the best thing for him, and I believe that you will be able to bond with him with nursing again soon! I did have a lot of issues in the beginning with latching and having her not tear my nipples to shreds (she was tongue tied) so I do know how frustrating that part can be. Good luck and I'm sure things will get better!
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  • Ask if you can do some sort of combo of nursing AND bottle feeding, even if its just one short nursing session a day. 
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  • Thank you Danielleb27. It's just so frustrating. I just want this to go well for him.

    No, they called me while I was feeding him and she asked me if I was bf and I said I was in the middle of a feeding and she almost yelled STOP! Then she explained everything and I had to pass the phone to dh and mouth my questions bc I was so upset I couldn't stop crying. He took the baby and made a bottle and fed him while I sat with my breasts out still crying for about an hour. So thankful he was there to help me.
  • I haven't had this issue, but I just wanted to tell you that you're certainly not a bad mom.  You're doing the best you can do and that's what matters!  I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time, but keep your head up; everything will get better no matter how you have to feed him, the important thing is just how much you love him!  Your love and dedication to his well-being is shining through and even if you can't feed him the way you want, he will be just fine with you loving on him!!  Good luck, mom!
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