Twin personality switch?

From birth, my girls were totally different. Baby A slept well during the night, not well during the day. She was a total mommy's girl, wanted me to hold her all the time and didn't like it when other people did. She was feisty and loud, could never be alone for a second, needing constant attention.

Baby B slept well during the day, not so well during the night. She was totally independent, happily playing by herself, or lying in a bouncy chair or swing and watching the world go by. She would let anyone hold her and wasn't particularly attached to me or anyone else.

Just before their first birthdays, they seemed to switch personalities. Now Baby A sleeps well during the day and not the night, and B is the opposite. B is now loud and feisty and needs constant attention. She cries when I or DH leave the room, is constantly hitting her sister or pulling her hair, and just generally seems really sensitive and/or dramatic. A is the more independent now, more quiet and sweet. A now only needs me when people she doesn't know are close by.

It's so weird.  Has anyone had this happen?

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Re: Twin personality switch?

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