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Exercising with a child in the house

I am starting a round of Insanity today to get back in shape and I wanted to know whether any of you are able to find the time or motivation to workout when you have a child?  Weird sleep schedules, work schedules, stress, finding time to be with your child...I'm assuming all of these things are factors that would prevent you from working out.  

Knowing that high cholesterol runs in my family, I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle when DS is born.  If you workout, how do you do it with so much going on in your life? 


Re: Exercising with a child in the house

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    Before the baby was born I was M-F one hour a day, weights and cardio.  After he was born I missed two weeks and then got back into it but a little dialed back.  I do three days a week now just because I don't think I could recover with the reduced sleep.  If you are working out you need at least 6 hours of sleep to recover effectively and you need to eat right.  IF you don't eat, sleep and hydrate you will fail, guaranteed.  If you have a rough night with the baby then skip the workout and stick to some stretching or catch a nap. Its a tough balance but you owe it to yourself.  Once you get a routine established you will feel better just set a realistic goal. Don't push yourself really hard and then end up so sore you can barely walk.  Thats not good for anybody and will discourage you from continuing.

    Do you workout at home or at a gym?  Once DS is born I was planning on setting up a small TV in the basement to workout. Since it's not finished I'm worried about the noise because I would be working out either early in the morning or after he would go to bed. 

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    I found out that trying to work out at home doesn't work if my LO is up and in the same room.  I tried that but he would get in my way.  I do try to find time to get to the gym to work out.  Our LO also loves water so we take him to the pool until he was getting ear infections every time.  Since it is warmer we go on hikes with my wife at times taking the child so I can go ahead.

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