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2nd baby-bottom pressure

Sorry if TMI, but I never had this kind of bottom pressure with my first! What in the world?!? Anyone else??

Re: 2nd baby-bottom pressure

  • Each pregnancy after the first is (according to my doc) going to be more uncomfortable. I've definitely noticed more pressure at times with each of mine as well as other pregnancy discomforts being more uncomfortable with each pregnancy.
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  • I have the same problem. THe Dr. said its normal and that its  just everything adjusting and getting ready for baby to come out..I wallk all day for my job and sometimes It actually stops me in my tracks. I think they call it lighting crotch LOL

    BTW this is my second too...I'm definitely more uncomfortable for this one

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  • Good to know I'm not the only one noticing this.  I was just thinking maybe I forgot from last time, but I dont' think that is the case.
  • bakerlmbakerlm
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    Glad to hear I'm not alone.  I was just commenting to Dh about all the weird pains this time compared to last time. 
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  • h2babeh2babe
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    Same here, lots of pressure down in my cervix area.
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  • I have had the pressure on my cervix since the beginning it seems like, but now week 34+3days I get very sharp very uncomfortable Rectal pressure! it is worse when I have a BH contraction but comes at other times too. 

    I went to the Dr. yesterday and asked about this while I was there because this did NOT happen with DD. She said baby is head down and started to drop! YEAAAAAH!!!

    she said his head is sitting on my cervix which is also right on my rectum which is why it feels like there is a giant hard poo in there! So normal according to my Dr. and uncomfortable according to me!

    Relief = Delivery hurry hurry hurry! 

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  • I have noticed a lot lately, but my dr said it is just from him dropping already
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