From good eaters to really bad eaters!

Our girls used to be amazing eaters, would really eat just about anything!  In the last month or two they have slowly gotten super picky and are just not in to most things I make them.  Did anyone experience this around 18 months?  Any suggestions on how to deal with it?  They are still great with yogurt, fruit, pb&j sandwiches & cheese.  They seem to not want any meat or fish, so I try to get them protein via the pb&j and refried beans (they still devour these).

At a loss.  Any suggestions appreciated :)


Re: From good eaters to really bad eaters!

  • It's common around 18 months to 2 years for kids to become picky eaters.  Keep putting a variety of foods in front of them and sooner or later (could be way later) they'll come back around and widen their taste buds again.  At that stage, I always made sure there was one thing at the meal that I knew they liked and would eat (yogurt, buttered noodles, etc).
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