starting to get mastitis?

Hi ladies. I'm wondering if I'm starting to get mastitis. My one breast is tender, not red or hard, just very tender. I also have a headache, and my joints ache, almost like when you're getting over the flu. I'm pumping to be sure my breasts are empty. Anything else I can do to keep from getting worse? I have my OB checkup tomorrow, so if things get worse I can follow up then. TIA



Re: starting to get mastitis?

  • Sounds like mastitis, call your doctor. The only thing that helped me when I had it (3 times) was antibiotics, the earlier you start them the better.
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  • I'm dealing with mastitis right now as well, day 4 of antibiotics it's feeling way better. I had the achy joints and flu like symptoms a couple days before I woke up with a really sore breast. I didn't develop a red or hot patch until I was running a really high fever. When I went to the doctor he told me to keep feeding/pumping on that side and thats all you can do to prevent it and or make it better. He also told me if your nursing, nurse on the side that is infected first so that your LO's suction is at their strongest. Sounds like your doing the right thing by getting it checked out early and that your keeping pumping. Hope you feel better soon!
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  • sounds like mastitis to me, you're doing to right things, keep it up!  feel better soon!
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