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Cervical gel

Did anybody have cervical gel as a means to try to jump start labor?  I'm currently 4 days overdue and will be getting gel tonight.  They're having me come to the hospital to get it, then sending me home hoping it puts me into labor.  I'm 3-4 cm dilated and 60% effaced.  If not, I'll get induced Wednesday.


Just wondering if anybody had success with the gel making them go into labor! 

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Re: Cervical gel

  • What kind of gel is it? What exactly is it supposed to do? I've never heard of this before...
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  • I wanna say it's Prepidil?  I haven't had it but I think it softens or "ripens" the cervix. 

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  • If I am not dilated to a certain point by next Monday, I go in at 10 pm to get this, but I have to stay at the hospital and they will start pitocin around 5am. The gel is to ripen cervix, but they don't usually give it if there is already progress happening before the induction. Good luck!


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  • With dd1, I was 5 days past due date and they put th gel on my cervix at 4:30 pm, monitored me until 6:30, and were going to send me home. Doc got stuck in a delivery, so my discharge was delayed. At 7:00, I started vomiting, so they decided to keep me overnight for observation. My induction was planned for 7:30 am. The gel had sent me into full blown labor, baby was born at 7:32 with no pitocin.
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  • My cervix is favorable enough that I don't have to go in the night before - but my Dr won't send you home with it in! They have you spend the night and then start a round of Pitocin in the morning.

    I'm going in Thrs morning (9 days overdue) to get this party started.

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  • I would think that if you are already 34cm then they would just start you on pitocin because your cervix is ripe already.

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