Confused about weight loss/calories

I'm not sure who has used calorie counting while breastfeeding, but if anyone can give me some insight, I'd appreciate it.

I know we're supposed to eat 300-500 extra calories a day while breastfeeding. 

I typed in my info in a couple calories counters online which said to maintain my weight I need to eat 2300-2400 calories a day.  To lose 1 pound a week I should be eating around 1900 a day (not taking bfing into account).

So, do I just add 300-500 on top of the 1900?  Basically I'd be eating the calories recommended to maintain...does that seem right?

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Re: Confused about weight loss/calories

  • It's hard to say because everyone's experience seems to be different.  For me, whenever I count and cut calories I notice a dip in supply.  I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm one of those who will have 5-10lbs extra until I wean.  I eat well and exercise, so I'm ok with that. 
    It makes sense that you'd be back up to your normal weight maintenance level since BFing burns calories.  I would try adding 500 calories to your baseline of 1900 for a total of 2400.  Then you can slowly cut even further if you want, keeping an eye on your supply.  Just don't cut too drastically right off the bat or you may see supply issues.
    Also, your daughter is so pretty!  Beautiful pic!
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    I use My Fitness Pal. It said I need to eat 1,500 cals a day to lose so I usually eat about 2,000. I input breastfeeding as a workout that burns 500 calories to make it easier.

    Oh great idea. I use this app too and I hate that I "go over" my calories everyday because I'm adding the extra for BFing. It will make me feel better not to see the red everyday haha



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