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Where are/have you given birth?

Heard lots of recommendations to the Baby Place, but there are lots of locations. Any recommendations from all of you mamas in Central Florida?!
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Re: Where are/have you given birth?

  • I had my son at Winnie Palmer! I had a very good experience for the most part except for a few of the baby nurses. 


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    I had my son at Winnie Palmer! I had a very good experience for the most part except for a few of the baby nurses.nbsp;nbsp;

    This exactly!
  • I'll be delivering at Winter Park Memorial but my older sister also recommended Florida Hospital Rollins. I've heard bad things about the hospital in Sanford (I think it's called Central Florida Regional) and Florida Hospital Altamonte. I personally would not go to Winnie Palmer but I've heard good and bad things. Due to my job, it could be an issue further down the road.
  • I had my last birth at Heart 2 Heart in Sanford. I love their tubs.
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  • I had my son at Winnie Palmer. If I had to do it again, I'd deliver there again.

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  • I'll be delivering at Winnie Palmer. It's where my OBGYN delivers and I go to the high risk clinic there. This is our first but I've had nothing but positive experiences there so far.
  • I delivered at Winnie Palmer and it was fantastic. Great experience from start to finish. I didn't have any "bad" nurses, just a couple that were not as personable as others. I have zero complaints and plan to deliver there again if/when baby #2 comes along.

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  • Congratulations on a beautiful baby! My current ob delivers at florida hospital. I'd really like to deliver at Winnie Palmer, I'm only 7 weeks but I'd like to switch doctors earlier rather than later. Do you have a suggestion for an ob? My insurance is Cigna. Thank you! 
  • I delivered both my boys at Florida Hospital Winter Park.  They just redid the baby section of the hospital.  Its called The Baby Place now and its nice!  Doesn't compare to Winnie Palmer, but still nice.  I like that it has a good team of OB's (including mine).  WInnie Palmer is very full. They want you in and out.  That' what I've been told.

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  • I delivered my DD at Celebration and my DS at Winnie Palmer. I liked the smaller feel of Celebration, but the food was better at WP. :O) I liked the idea that WP had a high level NICU too just in case.
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  • The women's center offer several obs that deliver at WP. They also have several locations throughout Orlando.
  • I delivered both of my sons at Winnie Palmer. Pregnant with the third baby which will also be delivered at Winnie. I have only positive things to say about my experiences there. 
  • Celebration is where I had all 3 of my children. Dr. Douglas Winger is who delivered my last child. His Midwife delivered my 2nd child. I had him standing up. The great thing about Celebration is they are very patient w/ there natural mama's. I can't really compare it to the other hospitals around because I've only delivered at Celebration. I can say that I did hear Winnie Palmer had better food. To me that is not important.


  • Keep in mind the kind of birth you would like to have when selecting a hospital. If you don't want the pressure of meds, Florida hospital altamonte or winter park might be the way to go. If you want a medicated birth, Winnie Palmer will have no problem providing you with that!
  • I had my DD at Winnie Palmer...Sadly the hospital was very full when I delivered, so I spent most of my labor time in the triage unit....This was the worst part of my labor...We ended up needing an emergency C section, and the hospital was awesome in the way it was handled. The food was good, the nurses were awesome

  • Had my baby at FH Celebration Health.  Loved it.  I agree with PP who said it has a smaller feel.  I don't have any complaints about my time there or the food.  The nurses were all awesome.
  • I'll be delivering at Winnie Palmer. It's where my OBGYN delivers and I go to the high risk clinic there. This is our first but I've had nothing but positive experiences there so far.

    Any dr recommendations? I need to find a high risk OB. I'm looking preferably to deliver at Winnie and also preferably a female. I have no mommy friends here in Orlando to ask.


  • I have delivered at Winter Park (before it was considered the baby place). I have no complaints about the hospital. I also have delivered at South Seminole, they no longer have a labor and delivery. But I loved their set up most of all. Since South Seninole closed, for my third I had to go to Altamonte. My only complaint is recovery rooms are the size of a closet, they only have two suites and you have to request them when you get there and then it is a race of who has a baby first. And you want the suite if you don't want to feel closticphobic with visitors. Besides that my experience with staffs have been great, at each hospital.
  • Any of the Winnie Palmer moms know if they will allow you to push in an upright position or hands and knees? I hate the idea of laboring on my back!
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  • I'm going to be delivering at Winnie Palmer. Those who said they had bad nurses, any specific reasons they were awful? And I'm with Kimberlyk, do they let you be in the position you want for labor? I really wanted to walk around during the first stage.
  • I delivered at Winnie and fit the most part had a wonderful experience. My L&D nurses were amazing, I ended up having a c-section but from what I could tell it seemed like they are very accommodating with positioning and what not. My nurses during recovery are where I had some issues. The first day I had awesome ones, the second day I had ones that were quite unhelpful when I asked for help with my bandages for my c-section and questions about breast feeding. I'm a FTM and breast feeding isn't the easiest no matter how many books you read. Thankfully the lactation consultant happened to hear my DS crying/screaming and came in and offered help. She was amazing!!! Seriously, ask for Deborah the lactation consultant, I'll warn you she can be very blunt and is hands on, but so helpful and even set me up with a manual breast pump and everything. Thankfully my last day there I had great nurses. I think bc some days they don't have enough nurses for patients so they get overwhelmed. Plus a lot of them are very young and most likely don't have children so I found that it was hard for them to answer certain questions. Overall though it's a great experience. My DH and gave a box chocolate to the nurses I had on the last day bc they were the best and they really appreciated that. Sorry this was so long.
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  • GraceNmeGraceNme
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    I'm delivering at Baby Place in Altamonte. I've heard really great things about all the Baby Places. :)>-
  • We are planning a water birth at Inspiration Birth Center in Winter Park. The prenatal experience has been very positive so far.
  • I just wanted to post a reply for moms looking. I gave birth to my sweet girl back in February with Melissa Concord Morrow with Celebrate Birth located in Lakeland, Fl. She was amazing, I couldn't have done it without her! Best of luck to all moms and moms to be! 
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  • Im having my daughter at Winnie Palmer
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