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Silly things I did when I was a brand new mom...

I was thinking about how we are all around the 3 month mark, and not only are our babies growing, we are growing as mothers! What's something silly you did in the beginning?

Me? I used to change DS's clothes every time he spit up. Ha! That got old real fast! 


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Re: Silly things I did when I was a brand new mom...

  • kitevkitev
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    Skin to skin in the middle of the night. I think I did it a total of two times before I was like...WTH am I doing?? E was back up to birth weight at a week old, so I didn't need to worry about that.

    I will be back to this thread to add more!
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  • Oh lord I probably blocked half of it out by now!  For a month we only had one nipple for the bottles.  I'd have to run up and down the stairs all night to wash it.  I don't know why I only bought one!
  • 2moms2b2moms2b
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    I too would change their clothes any time someone got anything on them.  Also they always had to look cute even when just at home.  Now I throw on them whatever is clean and save the cute for when we leave the house.

    They also had to match/coordinate and now I don't care as long as they are dressed.

    I would fold/hang and put away so nicely their clothes and iron their shirts and pants if needed.  Now all their clothes are in a basket in their room and I just dig. 

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  • I made doc appt twice because she was coughing. I cancelled both times after remembering to take her temp. Then if I started to freak about her being sick, DH was like, "Did you take her temp?" Now I've finally caught on, she's usually coughing from silent reflux and take her temp before deciding she might be sick!
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  • We changed diapers before EVERY feeding if the line was even the slightest bit blue.. Now I'm smart enough to just get a feel for how heavy the diaper is.. if dad is doing it, he goes by the rule that if the WHOLE line is blue, then he should change. Not sure what he's going to do once we no longer have the indicator line!
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  • I would check him on the video monitor like every 5 minutes when he was sleeping. Now I know he STTN most nights I only check if I hear him start to fuss.

    And I did the same thing with the Swaddler Diapers, changing them when the line was the littlest bit green.

    I just feel like I KNOW him so much better now than I did when I first brought him home, so I stress less about the little things that I used to stress over in the beginning.

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  • I would "save" certain outfits for wearing when we went some place. Not even some place special, just like, the grocery store, haha. And not even "nice" clothes for special occasions. Certain clothes were only for going out. Then my mother kindly pointed out that if I waited for some random occasion for him to wear something, he'd likely never wear it. I also realized that it was the dead of winter when he was born, so where the H would be going most days? I started putting him in whatever I felt like that day, regardless of our plans!
  • I used to change his diaper when he'd wake up hungry from a nap, before feeding him - because, omg, his diaper was wet/dirty! I thought he hated diaper changes. No, he was hungry and didn't get why it was taking so long to give him the boob! 

     I also "saved" certain outfits for the public, and he ended up wearing them once - or never - because he grew so fast. 

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  • I paired socks when I did laundry and searched the house when one was missing. Now I just toss them in the drawer.

    I also used to only dress her when we were going out. Now I dress her every day and just text pics to DH and my sis.
  • image Drea926:

     I used to change DS's clothes every time he spit up. Ha! That got old real fast! 

    I still do that. :) 

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