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Summer schedule?

Does anyone care to share what their summer schedule is?  This is the biggest thing DH and I are struggling with right now.  Our daycare is not willing to work with EOW (my mom will watch her instead), so we might as well come up with several options to present BM at mediation.  The only things DH and I have scheduled for her are an art camp the first week of June and Girl Scout day camp the second week, with a trip to see DH's aunt and uncle the weekend in between.
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Re: Summer schedule?

  • We're long distance from SS and SD2, so we see them for one big chunk of time each summer.  SD2 is coming for a month, SS is coming for 3 weeks.

    We are closer to Dink.  He is allowed 1 week over his birthday, a month over the summer (which he has never taken) and his EOWE.  He is taking half of his week, and I don't know about the EOWE yet.  He tends to find other things to do that are more important. 

  • My son's father gets 43 days in the summer.  He can break them up, but they have to be for at least two weeks.  If we lived less than 100 miles apart he would only get 30 days.  Last year he did all 43 in a row, which I don't think anyone really liked.  He wasn't use to having my son that long in a row and I think kids need to see both parents.  This year he broke it up and I think that will be better for all parties.  Keep looking up camps, attempt to try and find other daycares, and good luck.  For you it might work better to have her in a row, because your daycare might work better with you. 
  • I'm glad you posted this. It made me go look at our CO.  We are EOWE only and EO Holiday.  I don't know how I missed this, but my lawyer was supposed to write in that XH got and additional 2 full weeks in the summer.  It didn't get written in and I totally missed it when I re-read it.

    Not that it matters anyway.  XH - like Dink - probably never would take it anyway.

    If XH really wants her for some time over summer, I'll grant a couple full weeks.  

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  • We usually get the entire month of July.  DH used to only do two weeks in July when SD was 4, but once she was 5, we started getting her for the entire month.  We usually do one week of vacation and the rest at camp.  Most day camps start at pre-K.  Since we didn't use day care centers, we rely on the local YMCA or rec center along with activity based camps - gymnastics, science, etc.
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    Ex's visitation schedule stays the same year round...every other weekend.
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  • I know I mentioned this before, but H and BM's old agreement was he has SS all summer and she had EOWe. SS did miss his sister on his mom's side so we would let him go over there after and stay a night here and there.  This was after she moved back to the area and we lived like 5 blocks apart.  I think there was one or two times she asked for him on one of H's days and we let her.  With that schedule I think its more understandable to be a little more flexible since SS would go so long without seeing BM during the summer and then only saw H on the weekends so SS missed him during the wweek.

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  • XH is entitled to six weeks of parenting time over the summer.

    I cannot recall--and am too lazy to go look--but our CO might require that he split that time rather than taking it all at once. The CO was drafted when DS was less than 2, so I probably wouldn't hold him to that now.

    If I had to do it over again, I would put in a clause that requires him to give me his dates by Apr 1 or so.

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    image mom2one:
    Ex's visitation schedule stays the same year round...every other weekend.

    ^^ Same with my DD, but since she is going into 7th grade I am having problems finding somewhere for her to go and stuff for her to do.  All the summer camps start at 9am and end at 3pm, and that just not work with my work schedule :(


  • Ours flips.  During the school year they are here mon-fri and we get ine weekend, during the summer she has them mon-fri except 2nd weekend and we also get a full week each month
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    The old CO gave DH 2 weeks over the summer, but oddly, no stipulations on when he had to notify BM of his weeks.  The newest CO I think gives him every other week or something like that.  We got to the point a few years ago where I would print out a calendar, fill in anything we or BM had planned for the summer and split the weeks up accordingly.  BM always gets the end of the week school lets out (like this year school ends on a Wed, we don't get DSD until Fri evening) and now she only gets her back late Saturday/early Sunday before school starts on Monday. When she was younger, BM always had the last week of summer so DSD could attend any meet the teacher type events. Depending on how old your SD is, more than a week away from mom might be too much so take that into consideration.

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  • Thanks everyone!  We didn't want SD to be gone from one parent for an extended time, which is what seems to be making this more difficult.  DH is already visibly upset at the idea of her being away for a week (starting Thursday) to visit BM's family in Georgia. That being said, when the school year starts, DH will be CP, so she will have to get used to being away from BM for a while.  (This was BM's choice, if you recall.)

    After reading your responses, we were thinking of keeping the EOWE and offering BM 4 weeks (to be used in one week increments) for the 12 weeks SD will get of summer.  Since BM is getting married in August, we might offer an extra week this year if she wants SD around for all of the festivities.  Does this sound reasonable?  Or should we offer more time?  We really just didn't know where to start with all of this...

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  • Our schedule stays the same - EOW. Our biggest thing will be having someone watch the boys so we can still work. FI and I will each take a day off during the week so that leaves 3 we'll need to figure out.

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  • BD is EOWE, and the schedule stays the same except BD gets Father's Day (obviously) and then BD gets two one week vacations to be taken separately from June-August and I get one 16 day period to be taken from June-August and one one week vacation to be taken any time during the year. We will be updating the CO, so I'm not sure how we will change it. It's obviously not fair that I can take a week any time during the year and he can't. I don't know about the 16 day vacation though. My family has been spending 2 weeks in Florida every year for over 40 years. Like, my entire dad's side of the family, these days it's about 60 people. So it's an important tradition in my family. Being the CP, I wouldn't want to be away from DS that long. BD has voluntarily been away from DS longer than that on several occasions. So I don't think he needs one. Unfair? Maybe.
  • unless something changes when we get test results back we will be picking SS up on May 25 and taking him back August 7. We are long distance as well. BM elected to give up her 2 weeks in the summer. We could (hopefully) get to keep SS perminatly if results are what the doctor expects
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    Ex's visitation schedule stays the same year round...every other weekend.

    This is us as well with BM, even though we've offered for her to go longer.  Except for last year when she requested to have her for 2 weeks.  We'll see if she does again this year.



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