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The past few days my baby has only napped for 5-20 minutes at a time. The other day she was awake from 7am-3pm. There's no real point to this post, I guess. Is anyone else in the same boat? I don't expect her to be a perfect sleeper but a couple of 1-2 hour naps would be nice!



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  • Yep, I'm lucky if he takes a couple of 30 minute naps in the same day, even though he refuses to nap unless he's being held. Otherwise, he's awake from 8 am to 8 pm. He sleeps through the night though, so I don't push it.
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  • Same here, my LO makes it through most of the night no issues, but he won't nap during the day if he does it's only while myself or someone is holding him.
  • My baby hit six weeks last friday and his napping changed.  Yesterday he was awake all day with two naps during 30 minute drives round trip.  Today he has been asleep since 8 am with the exception of waking up every 3 hours to eat. 
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    yes, our little guy is not a big napper, i had finally gotten some kind of routine with him last week but yesterday he only slept 30mins the entire day and was a bear to deal with! last week he did take one 3hr. nap and one 2hr. nap. usually it is just 15- 30 minutes and he is done! today he took a 20min nap around 10:30 and then another 20 min around noon and a 1hr nap at 1:30. right now the little stinker is sleeping in his swing which he has hated the past few weeks, i fed him, changed his diaper and thought what the heck i will try his swing and pick up some things in his room and today he loved it! he keeps me guessing that is for sure! i dont know if sleeping traits get passed down but he is my DH made over and DH is not a big sleeper either, however Momma is!
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