January 2013 Moms

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate...

your pregnancy experience

your labor

the first 3 months of parenthood.


1 = I never want to go through that again. I still have nightmares about it.

10= I loved every second of it. I wanna go through it again.


Just curious how everyone is feeling now since I am sure everyone on this board is done with the first 12 weeks.

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Re: On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate...

  • 7-Pregnancy (I didnt have morning sickness but I did gain a lot of weight )

    6-Labor (It was a nice bonding moment with DH and I had a healthy baby but the epidural failed and it was a long labor)

    3-(I never knew how hard it would be to get somebody to fall asleep and stay asleep. And it is a process you have to repeat several times a day. Got nightime anxiety and BF was painful the first two months)  


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  • Pregnancy - 9. I felt great and never had any issues or morning sickness.  I did have a tremendous amount of back pain though in the last few weeks which is why it wasn't a 10.

    Labour - 3 it mostly all sucked and the delivery broke my vagina.  My net will definitely be a C section.

    First 3 months - 9 my DS is great and very easy going.  It's only now that is starting to be a bit tougher. 

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  • 8I had a fairly easy pregnancy. No morning sickness and not a lot of weight gain. I disliked the GD and having to poke my fingers 4x a day.

    7I got induced. After a failed induction on day 1 I went back two days later and tried again. Nothing was happening until they broke my water. I ended having to have a CS.

    9DH and I got blessed with a very happy and very easy baby! DS has STTN since 6 weeks. He rarely cries and when he does it is quiet and short. He is always smiling and giggling now love it when he laughs!.
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  • b0710b0710
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    Pregnancy 9: I really love being pregnant. I had no morning sickness and felt generally great! Only a 9 because I had a weird bleeding episode at 24 weeks which was scary and they never found a cause for it.
    Labor 10: I had a great labor experience. I had a successful epidural and ended up with no tearing and my beautiful baby boy. From my water breaking on its own to baby was only 9 hours and I slept for 3 of them. I consider myself very lucky!
    First 3 months 8: I knew what to expect from DS1 so I think that helped. However, sleep deprivation is never easy...especially when I had to go back to work at 6 weeks.

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  • kimmletkimmlet
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    Pregnancy: 9 - I was so sick for the first 15 weeks and had every other symptom in the book but I loved every second of it.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

     Labor: 7 - It hurt but it wasn't as bad as I had prepared myself for, the recovery was harder than the labor was.

     First 3 months of parenthood: 6 - It was insanely hard, I hadn't prepared myself for the sheer exhaustion a newborn brings.  That being said, I loved holding him and cuddling with him and watching him grow.  I never knew true stress until I had a newborn but I loved it.

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  • EagsEags
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    Pregnancy - 10. I loved being pg.  I really didn't have any issues except for m/s early on.

    Labour - 1.  It sucked After laboring for a long time, pushing for 2 hours, and ending up with a C-section and baby who wouldn't breathe and had to stay in the NICU overnight, I'm not anxious to do that part again!

    First 3 months - 7.  DS is super easy going and started STTN around 8 weeks or so.  I gave it a 7 though because those first 7-8 weeks were tough getting up constantly throughout the night. 

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  • 82Sonia82Sonia
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    Pregnancy 7. It wasn't too bad. Lots of back pain and heartburn at the end.

    Labor 2. Worst pain of my life, meconium in the fluid, emergency C section, LO had to be resuscitated. In the end everything was okay but it was terrifying.

    First three months 9. Sleep deprivation sucked for the first month but I really have an easy baby.

    ETA PP recovery was a 1. Brutal!


  • pregnancy-7 had some morning sickness, and was so completely exhausted, but overall, i did enjoy it...i didn't gain a lot of weight, and the fact that i was so tired got me out of having to socialize with my ils...and i was on bed rest for a bit, so i didn't have to go to work every day

    labor- n/a had a scheduled c-section at 38w....a little bummed i didn't get to experience labor to be honest, but, from the sound of it from stories i heard, i'm glad i didn't...i have mixed emotions about it....if i had to rate anything about my birthing, i'd say 5....the anesthesiologist took half an hour to get my spinal right, bc apparently my spine was twisted...so my right side was in a lot of burning pain, until he realized he had to go an inch to the left, then he wouldn't shut up about it until the dr said it was a girl :/ kinda ruined it a little for me....not to mention the extreme pain he put me in and kept telling me i wasn't....ugh

    first 3 months- 8....the first month was like, a 1...it was hard and i was trying to bf and was having a hard time...then i switched to formula and it was so much better...had a few rough days in there, but i think i had cabin fever with being home for so long and not at work....we couldn't be any luckier than we are...she hardly cries or fusses....

  • mrsnalamrsnala
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    Pregnancy - 9: I have relatively no morning sickness (unless I just cant remember much of the first tri), restlessness towards the end, but I miss being pregnant.

    Labor - 9: I had a fabulous induction and wouldnt have wanted it any other way. Would have maybe ask for the epidural sooner, but the pain was not that bad and I had a very quick delivery (only pushed for 20 mins)

     First three months - 7: he is a really good and easy baby. We had a small NICU stay in the beginning due to jaundice and trouble with weight gain, but other than that, hes great. 

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  • Pregnancy was an 8. I feel like I was very blessed and had a good experience. Back pain, heartburn, leg cramps were the worst of it.

    Labor was a 9. No I didn't "love it" at all but I feel lucky. I was in active labor for 4 hours, pushing for 1. It was excruciatingly painful and I screamed the whole time and had a third degree tear but I prefer that over 18 hours of labor ending in surgery. 

    I'm adding a section: Post-Partum is a 3. I was in serious pain for a few weeks and even now am still not back to "normal". Post-partum has been way worse than the pregnancy ever was. I think mainly because I had high expectations I would be back to "normal" sooner than this. Stretch marks, weight, flabby stomach, dry bloody nose, hair loss, gas---oh the list goes on.

    Parenthood: 10 Love being a mom and I truly don't mind MOTN feedings as I know they won't last forever.

    I honestly think my expectations have driven how I feel about all of this---pregnancy, labor, and first few months I expected to be horrendous so anything not horrendous has been a treat :-) 

  • Pregnancy: 9. I feel like I had a pretty easy pregnancy. Sure there was the nausua in the very beginning and then feeling like a whale at the last few weeks, but overall I can't complain about it too much because I felt like it was worth it in the end.

    Labor 6: I had a rough delivery. My epidural took almost an hour of trying to get in, then my pump was broken and they had to find me a new one. So by the time that it started working I was at 9 CM. Then I pushed for over two hours before needing an episiotomy and ended up with a fourth degree tear still. The recovery for the weeks after was probably the worst.

    First three months 10: I would have to say that the first 6-8 weeks were rough just because I don't think I really knew what I was doing and I was dealing with my recovery at the same time. But once we were about half way through my maternity leave, my little guy and I got used to things. And all those firsts, smiles, rolling over and etc just make you forget about the all day crys and loss of sleep. I love everyday with him and can't wait to do it all again one day.

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  • 1 1 5

    Kind of like labor contractions.

    Still trying to convince DH waiting a year before the vasectomy isnt necessary.
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  • Pregnancy 9, first tri was exhausting but second and third were great. I didn't mind being pregnant at all.

    Labor 7, before I got the epi it was a 1 but I didn't feel a thing after and it was really enjoyable. DS had to go into the nicu for meconium in his lungs, that sucked, I rate that a 1.

    First 3 months 8, the first month was rough with him being in the nicu and then sleep deprivation but after the first month things got much better.
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  • Pregnancy-9. I was really lucky. No morning sickness, no complications, a few leg cramps and typical aches and pains but that's it. I missed wine though!

    Labor-7. I was able to have my all natural birth at the hospital birthing center which was awesomebut I also felt all 2.5 hrs of pushing! Lol. But overall I was happy.

    1st 3 monthsranges from 5-9. The 1st 3 weeks were miserable. PP recovery, baby blues, no sleep, cluster feed round the clock. But then there were those moments I was just in awe of this beautiful angel I created. Plus the gummy smiles make it all worth it!

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  • your pregnancy experience - 10, pregnancy was really easy 

    your labor - 5, I remember it being awful, I was screaming like a psycho because everything went pretty quick and they were slow to get me the epidural. I remember it being the most awful thing I've ever felt but I can't actually put myself back in the pain. Since I forgot the actual pain I know I can do it again

    the first 3 months of parenthood - 4, Eloise still cries a lot and while I love her so much actually having her is what made me question whether I wanted another child but I decided I totally do want another one... in a few years.

  • 9 - Pregnancy experience, it was such an easy pregnancy, I loved feeling my LO move around and seeing my body change was pretty amazing.

    7 - Labour it was less than four hours, painful as heck but I could do it again.

    8 - First 3 months of parenthood, I never thought I'd love my DS this much so soon and he really is such a good baby. But never thought I'd worry so much at the same time. 

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  • Pregnancy: 8.  I was pretty sick first tri, but it cleared up a few weeks into 2nd tri (same with my first pregnancy) and I'm thankful for that.  The rest of pregnancy was great until I hit about 39 weeks and got intense pelvic pain again.  Considering that set in ~32 weeks last time I was a happy camper!  Also, I was really positive throughout this pregnancy.

    Delivery: 7.  I ended up with a surprise RCS and it's not how I wanted things to go and it was incredibly disappointing after all the work I had put into planning a VBAC.  With that said, the practice I was with this time was phenomenal.  This C/S went SO much better than my last one.  The OB was awesome (and I'm lucky because I had never met him before as I was dealing with MWs throughout  my pregnancy) and so personable and took great care of us, checked in with us daily at the hospital, etc.  Just great.  My MW as there with us the whole time.  She and the doctor made sure we were able to do skin-to-skin on the OR table, which was huge for me, and even more importantly we didn't have to be separated at all and were able to transition to recovery together (with my MW present), nurse, etc.  It was a much, much more positive experience than my first C/S and I will be forever thankful to my practice for that.

    First 3 months (this time around :) ): 10.  Motherhood has been so much easier this time around and I couldn't have asked for an easier transition to 2 (well, I guess I could have done without the whole surgery thing, but aside from that ;) ).  I was expecting it to be so much more difficult.  

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  • sewvt86sewvt86
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    Pregnancy-8-first 12 weeks I didn't feel too hot but could of been much worse. Last few weeks sleeping stunk because of hip pain while laying on my side. Otherwise, I fealt super cute with my bump, was glowing, and was very happy and excited. My husband even loved my pregnant body. I kinda miss feeling sweet baby movements in my belly...but for now I am enjoying not being pregnant. 

    Labor-8-I love love my birth story. Sure it was painful and super intense but it was also thrilling. 4 hours and done. The only thing that was a bummer was tearing and lots of blood loss. I was a wee bit out of it when they handed me LO b/c of all the blood loss but it was still an amazing moment. Giving birth was the coolest experience of my life. I didn't really expect how sore I would be afterwards but I was so high off of love afterwards I really didn't care.

     First 3 months-9- it's been awesome. LO has been great! Sleep is great (much better than pregnancy). She is super interactive and has always liked a lot of attention so I would say that the only challenge would be keeping her happily entertained. That and I do miss more alone time with my husband. Being a momma to this gal has given me the most joy I have ever experienced. She is just the cutest sweetest thing!  I have a feeling my silly gal will definitely be keeping me on my toes in her toddler years though. 

  • 8 pregnancy, 8 labor, 10 for first three months.

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  • ta78ta78
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    I'm surprised by all the 10s on the first 3 months if the first month or so was so hard. Also, my numbers don't match up to wanting to go through it again...

    pregnancy - I hate being pregnant. I didn't want to be pregnant again w DD, but I definitely wanted another baby. This pregnancy was also tougher than the 1st. She was soo low the whole time. I was soo sick. And after 30 weeks I could barely walk my back hurt so much. Of course, it could have been worse.

    labor - It wasn't terrible, but far from great. I was really dehydrated and had really bad blood clots immediately after giving birth. I also threw up right after she was born. Compared to DS though, it was ok. I didn't tear as badly, so Postpartum was way easier.

    first 3 months - Pretty great. DD slept 5+ hours from the start, then 10+ since 6 weeks. She doesn't cry and is just laid back. If anything the first month of DS adjusting was the hardest part.

    with that said, I am done having kids. I don't want to be pregnant again. And I feel like our family is complete. 

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    Wren  01.13.11

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  • 6 for pregnancy. The third trimester wasn't fun
    1 for labor. I was in labor for two days before having to get a csection. I was actually relieved to go under the knife.
    10 for the first three months. Recovery wasn't bad and my little girl made it all worth it.
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  • holly52holly52
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    9 for pregnancy: I loved being pregnant.  I was so happy all of the time and I felt great.  My migraines disappeared after the 1st trimester (I've had migraines since age 4) and that was amazing.  I had some back and pelvic pain, but nothing too bad.  I wasn't overly emotional and I just felt overall amazing.

    9 for labor:  I never had contractions before my water broke, but once I got to the hospital I had the worst back labor.  After an epdiural I was one happy momma.  I pushed for 30 mins and had 2nd degree tearing but didn't feel a thing.  There was mec in my fluid so DD had to be suctioned, but never had to leave the room.

    1 for PP recovery:  I had muscles hurt that I never even knew existed and having a PP stroke 5 days after delivery was horrible and life changing.  I was very lucky to know the signs and get to the hospital for treatment which lead to no last effects.  It was the worst feeling to miss the 1st week of my babies life because I was in ICU and there was a flu outbreak and I didn't want her in the hospital.

    10 for first 3 months: DD is such an easy going baby.  She's very independent already, she doesn't like to be held a lot and hardly ever fusses.  She's slept pretty good from the start and she has just been the greatest joy I've ever known.  She has brought out a strength and love in me that I never even knew existed.  Hands down the best thing that's ever happened to me.  Everyday is an adventure with her and I am definitely enjoying it.

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  • Pregnancy: 4  I really didn't enjoy being pregnant at all.  I was excited and loved watching my body change and see my baby on the ultrasound, but I hated all the invasive and rude questions, I was an emotional and hormonal wreck, and I was extremely uncomfortable and swollen.  Plus, the first tri saw me with 24 hour morning sickness- I pretty much just came home from work and slept.  I'm grateful that there were no complications, but it was not an enjoyable experience for me.

    Labor: 9  The contractions were fairly uncomfortable, but once I got the epidural, I was fine.  Ended up throwing up during delivery because I had not eaten anything since dinner the night before and it was 2:30pm the next day when I delivered.  Otherwise, I feel it was pretty easy.

    First three months: 5  DS was colicky, so it was pretty brutal for a while there.  If he wasn't sleeping, then he would be screaming or crying and we tried everything we could think of and everything that was suggested to us in order to help the poor little guy out- nothing worked.  Fortunately, we seem to have moved beyond it at this point.  He now sleeps for 3-5 hours at a time instead of only in 30 minute spurts (thank goodness) and is much happier- he smiles and laughs and I just love being with him. 

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  • Pregnancy: 9. I had a month of sickness but otherwise it was a breeze for me.

    Labor: 7. Wasn't bad as I expected.. The contaction pain prior to going to the hosptial was the worst part for me. after the epidural things moved super quickly and pushed for 35 minutes. Can't wait to have that joy and sense of accomplishment again.

    First 3 mos: 7. DS is an awesome baby. No sleepless nights at all like I expected there to be. Breastfeeding was my biggest challenge but it got way easier like everyone said it would.
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  • 7- loved being pregnant

    7- VBAC was easier than I thought, but the recovery still sucked

    3- I hate the newborn phase. she cried a lot and was hard to put to sleep.  I can handle getting up once now, but not every 3 hours like it was, with no real bedtime or guarentee of a minute of peace for myself.  DS was the same way so I must have difficult babies.  But I had forgotten how hard it really was.  Even though its better and I love her to pieces, I can't wait until she's a little older and more independant.

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  • Pregnancy- 5. This one was SO much tougher than my pregnancy with DD in every way. I think part of it also had to do with caring for a toddler, but it was also just downright exhausting. 

    Labor- 10. Probably the very best experience of my life. Words can hardly describe it. If I could guarantee all my labors would be like that one, I'd probably want to keep having children for the rest of my life, haha.

    First 3 mo - 5. These have been the best but very hardest three (almost four) months of my life. The transition to two kids has absolutely kicked my butt, but it has made me closer to God, realizing that I absolutely cannot do it on my own. So for that, I wouldn't trade the difficulties for anything.  

           I am convinced that coffee is God's gift to mothers.

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  • Kie310Kie310
    Seventh Anniversary

    With my first my pregnancy was like a 4. I had pre-e, I had bedrest, I had GD & I just wasn't happy for the last couple of months.

    My labor with my first was a 10. Mainly because I labored and then it failed & I ended up with an unplanned c/s. I would love to do it again in a heart beat.

    The first 3 months of parenthood with my first was a 1. I had a baby with colic, reflux, insane skin issues. It was rough. I had little to no sleep... I cried almost every night, I didn't think I could ever do it again.


    This time - my pregnancy was more like an 8. Other than my GD coming back & the constant monitoring because of my issues the first time around, it was awesome.

    This time - I had no labor. I ended up choosing a RCS.

    This time - the first 3 months were a 10. I can't wait to do it again. Really hoping to get my husband on board for #3 with in the next year (to start trying close to my 2nds 2nd birthday)

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  • Pregnancy - 3. I had awful morning sickness, gained a s***-ton of weight, was on bed rest from 14 weeks on and lived in constant fear of early delivery. I gave it a 3 because I got quite possibly the best driver's license pictures ever with my pregnancy glow in the small window I had it. HA!

    Labor - 1. The nurse overdosed me with pitocin and caused my LO to stop breathing and I started bleeding to death. Everything went from pictures and laughing to code blue in 5 minutes. Worst. Experience. Ever. I will probably be one and done now b/c I am too afraid to go into labor again.

    First 3 months - 10+. The first two weeks were awful, but once we figured out I wasn't producing BM and started FF parenting has been a breeze. I never thought I could love someone so much! I absolutely love being a mom and my LO makes the awful pregnancy and labor worth it.

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  • Pregnancy - 5. I had TERRIBLE morning sickness (ha! morning...) throughout the whole first two trimesters. I kept telling LO that he was going to be an only child. But by the third trimester I was finally starting to show and I loved feeling those kicks...I could do that again. :)

    Labor - 3. Slow to start, a painful balloon-tipped catheter inserted to get me going, 4cm-9cm in 20 minutes, and pushing LO to +1 stage before they even CALL the doctor and then having to wait!! I sooo wanted to punch someone! I'd do it all again though for another LO, it was all worth it.

    Parenting - 10. Yes, the first week I was crying out of shear exhaustion and, sure, I still don't get a full night's sleep... but DS is an absolute joy to have and I'm already mourning him growing up so fast even as I look forward to watching him grow. I'm just full of paradoxes today. :P

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  • Pregnancy: 9. Hardly any morning sickness, when I did it would just be feeling "off" for a day and I was easily able to call off work. This only happened maybe 3 times. By 34 weeks I was feeling pretty crappy and had to cry to convince my doc take me off work early, without pay but she did. But other than that, the rest was all good. R was 9 days late so I became quite impatient but she is here and all is well and that is all that matters!

    Labor: 9. I went soooooooo much faster than I had expected and it really wasn't as "hard" as I had built up in my head. I got a little scared when it was actually time top push but DH made me feel better by letting me know that if Snooki could do it, so could I! Ha. Also, my epidural was a nightmare but they did fix it right before it was time to push. Basically it only took on my left side and the pain of getting it right was worse than my contractions. 

    1st  3 months: 10. I didn't know this until I started to talking to other mamas but I guess R is actually considered a fairly easy baby. I am kinda scared to think what the other ones will be like! I hardly remember the first 2 weeks at all but I think that happens on purpose. 

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