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Is it necessary/important to burp a breast fed baby? My LO hardly ever burps and trying just wakes her up.... The LC I saw which we know was not a good one said it isn't necessary to burp a breast fed baby... Thoughts?
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Re: Burping

  • If I skip the burping then she cries and often chucks. Even with burping she's a windy kid, I'd hate to imagine if I skipped it all together!
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  • Not burping wouldn't even be a consideration for me, he'd spit up for sure if I didn't.
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  • I think it depends on your baby. Mine used to nurse without getting a lot of air and didn't need to burp, but now she squirms and swallows a ton of air, so burping is critical (and often very noisy!).
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  • I burp him after each side, but only get a burp occasionally. For night feedings, I just sit him up with one hand on his back and one holding his chin. I don't part his back, just the position helps him burp but keeps him sleepy.

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  • The LC we saw told us not to expect many burps when I asked about her lack of them. DD almost never burps, and I don't think she has ever burped when I've actually tried burping her. So now I don't even try. Looks like it definitely varies by baby though!
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  • I can't for the life of me ever get my LO to burp..... And I get frustrated because she spits up a lot, but I am pretty convinced that's from over eating and not lack of burping. My LO is also breast fed and my understanding is also that breast fed babies won't burp as much!

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  • I breastfeed as well and often have a hard time burping my son. However, I have noticed that sometimes when I don't burp him, he has a tendency to spit up, so I always try. I have heard that breastfeed babies really don't need to burp nearly as frequently as bottle fed babies, so if your baby seems happy and comfortable without burping, I wouldn't worry about it. If baby starts fussing later, you can burp then. 


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  • I always try to burp her, but if she doesn't burp after a few minutes I don't sweat it. I do find that she burps a lot more after getting a bottle than when breastfed.
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