Fenugreek: does it really work?

So my 3 month old has been EBF since birth. My husband is deployed (about to be home) so I haven't worried about birth control until now. I started on a mini pill a couple weeks ago (and was assured it was safe for baby and breast milk supply) but seem to have a decrease in supply. I'm sure the best choice would be to not take the pill and use condoms or something else, but two problems- neither of us like condoms and I really don't want to get pregnant before LO is about 3 or 4 since I had a rough pregnancy and delivery. So now I'm looking for a way to boost my supply and still be able to take the mini pill. Does anyone have experience with fenugreek? I keep reading that can work wonders but haven't gotten a first hand account. Any other milk booster suggestions are welcome too! Thanks in advance :) 

Re: Fenugreek: does it really work?

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    I do think it works. However, I could not stand the smell from my urine. It had me nauseated. Water, eating healthy and regularly, along with lactation cookies are my go to.
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  • I took it when DS was that age and it worked really well. The smell was kind of annoying but didn't bug me that much. I recently tried taking it again but I think now that DS is older my supply is what it is, it didn't really work this time.

    But when I first took it I was engorged for the very first time and my pump output really increased. I went from having to give both sides each time to just one. For a few days it worked too well and DS was getting too much foremilk so watch for signs of that.

    Have you considered different birth control? Like Mirena or something like that since you plan on waiting a few years between kids?

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    I used Fenugreek for about 5 months (I had some supply issues to begin with and we were supplementing with formula at the time). I found it eventually helped boost my supply an additional 3-4 ounces a day initially, and then helped me maintain my supply as DS got older. I stopped taking it once DS was eating solids.

    A forewarning, it will make you smell funny (although no one in my family seemed to notice), you have to take a lot of it (up to 12 capsules a day), it can be pricey depending on where you buy it (Vitamin Shoppe had it cheapest - 200 capsules for about $12), and it occasionally upset my stomach (this may just be me though).

    All in all, it was worth it to me in order to enable me to EBF DS instead of having to supplement with formula.

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  • I've been using a tea from and it has increased my production a lot. Like several ounces per pumping. Have you asked a doctor or lactation consultant if herbs will work when your milk supply drops due to the birth control pill? I would check first.
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    I've been taking it for about a month and honestly, I think it makes marginal if any difference. Some women certainly see a meaningful change, though, so it's worth a shot.

    I just ordered domperidone and am keeping my fingers crossed it helps a bit more.

    FWIW, my supply seemed to dip around three months also, which did not coincide with a change in birth control for me. The mini pill may be unrelated.
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  • Thanks all for the insight! I think I'll try it. Maybe do the lactation cookies too. I forgot about those! 
  • I used to take fenugreek, and it really did work for me! It will lower blood pressure and/or sugar, so it's not the best thing if you're diabetic or have blood sugar or pressure problems.

    ETA: Also, as far as the smell goes, I smelled like maple syrup, which was okay I guess. I'd rather have a lot of milk and smell like maple syrup than low milk supply. 

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