Fenugreek: does it really work?

So my 3 month old has been EBF since birth. My husband is deployed (about to be home) so I haven't worried about birth control until now. I started on a mini pill a couple weeks ago (and was assured it was safe for baby and breast milk supply) but seem to have a decrease in supply. I'm sure the best choice would be to not take the pill and use condoms or something else, but two problems- neither of us like condoms and I really don't want to get pregnant before LO is about 3 or 4 since I had a rough pregnancy and delivery. So now I'm looking for a way to boost my supply and still be able to take the mini pill. Does anyone have experience with fenugreek? I keep reading that can work wonders but haven't gotten a first hand account. Any other milk booster suggestions are welcome too! Thanks in advance :) 

Re: Fenugreek: does it really work?

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    I do think it works. However, I could not stand the smell from my urine. It had me nauseated. Water, eating healthy and regularly, along with lactation cookies are my go to.
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  • I've been using a tea from and it has increased my production a lot. Like several ounces per pumping. Have you asked a doctor or lactation consultant if herbs will work when your milk supply drops due to the birth control pill? I would check first.
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    I've been taking it for about a month and honestly, I think it makes marginal if any difference. Some women certainly see a meaningful change, though, so it's worth a shot.

    I just ordered domperidone and am keeping my fingers crossed it helps a bit more.

    FWIW, my supply seemed to dip around three months also, which did not coincide with a change in birth control for me. The mini pill may be unrelated.
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  • Thanks all for the insight! I think I'll try it. Maybe do the lactation cookies too. I forgot about those! 
  • I used to take fenugreek, and it really did work for me! It will lower blood pressure and/or sugar, so it's not the best thing if you're diabetic or have blood sugar or pressure problems.

    ETA: Also, as far as the smell goes, I smelled like maple syrup, which was okay I guess. I'd rather have a lot of milk and smell like maple syrup than low milk supply. 

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