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Tips on giving a bottle?!

My little guy is 11 weeks today. We originally introduced a bottle a couple times a week starting when he was 2 weeks. Well we missed a week or tWo of bottle feeding and now he refuses the bottle. He will either cry or just chew on it and smile.

any tips? We have a wedding and he will be with a sitter. I'm also going back to work soon. He is only breast fed and I pump to give him milk in a bottle. It's so frustrating being the only one he will eat from! Help!  

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Re: Tips on giving a bottle?!

  • my baby is the opposite,she only likes the bottle! I have heard moms just only give them the bottle as in even if they are crying just only offer him a bottle and eventually he will be so hungry he will take it...
  • My DD won't take a bottle from me, or if I'm anywhere in the vicinity, so maybe make sure someone else is giving it? Try different bottles, different temps, make sure LO is hungry, but not starving. Good luck.
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  • LO will only take a bottle from someone other than me and also only if she is sitting propped up on something and the person feeding her is not holding her. If she's being held, she always reaches for the nipple (even on DH). She still isn't a fan of the bottle, especially when I'm close by, but she will take it when she gets hungry enough.

    Also, and I'm sure this will sound mean, even though we, of course, don't mean it to be... but LO takes the bottle better if she is mad. When she gets upset bottle feeding, it works a lot better to not try to calm her down, but just go with the angry baby. She gets so PO'ed that she will latch on really hard and chug and ounce or so quickly. When we tried to calm her down, she would do the whole nibble-and-smile thing, even if she was hungry.


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  • If you kind of push the nipple against the roof of his mouth-- not hard, but enough to get the milk to come out of the nipple-- it kind of tricks them into realizing that it's a "boob."  My DH calls it the bate & switch, lol!  Once they realize that it really is milk coming out of this weird thing, they'll eat.  Or at least, my son does.

    He definately does not like the bottle, but he will eventually take it.

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  • We had to try a few different bottles. By 3 months he was refusing the bottles that he used to take. This is one of those "every baby is different" things. What works for some, may not work for you.
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