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Contraction question

I didn't have a natural birth, but I lurk over here since I am going to have a NB next time (and we're ttc).

For those of you who had a natural birth (or more than one) how long were your contractions (like each one from start to finish), and at the end of your labor, were they really on top of each other (like almost no time apart) like I've heard? They were monitoring me 100% of the time, but I was pretty out of it by the end because of the pressure, so I don't remember exactly how it was on the monitor.

Thanks for any input! 

ETA: I mean each contraction, not how long your entire labor was. 

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Re: Contraction question

  • Mine were never right on top of each other as many people describe. I always had some time between each one. 
  • I think they were around a minute long most if the time. The Ines towards the end were probably longer? Definitely more intense! I don't remember having any that were back to back,or at least not regularly.

    In all honesty, everything from about transition onwards is a big blur for both my labors. One of the added benefits of unmedicated labor, ha ha ha...
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  • I started labor in active labor so they were about 3 minutes apart lasting about a minute and a half long. By the time I started pushing they were 2 minutes apart lasting about a minute and a half. Pushing was one long contraction for me...I couldn't tell when I was having one and my midwife couldn't either.
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  • Mine were about a minute or two long in active labor. I still got definite breaks through transition and the pushing stage. they were short breaks, but my concept of time was pretty busted by that point, so they felt long and refreshing.

  • My contractions were right on top of each other. They were also pretty long contractions, but they were long the entire labor. I even had a 4 minute contraction! It was not fun the last 4 hours, but I had a complicated labor due to very poor positioning.

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  • Mine lasted about a minute.  They did build in intensity but they were never more than 60-70 seconds long.  I did have a few back to back contractions throughout my labor as I never established a solid pattern like 4-1-1.  The doula thinks that was because of LOs position, she was OP and turning in labor. 
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  • Mine only became regular at the very end of my labor.  I'd say they lasted about 45-60 seconds and came every 3 minutes or so at that point.

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  • AmyRIAmyRI
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    Mine were 60 seconds long, with 60 second breaks for the last hour or so of both labors.
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  • Mine varied tremendously until the last hours...after which all of it became a complete blur. Probably 1-2 minutes with 30-60 seconds in between at the height of it. They were never so on top of one another that I couldn't catch my breath between them.
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  • My contractions were varying some almost 3 min long some shorter, by the end they were about 12 min apart and my body had adjusted at that point they actually had to tell me when to push i could barely feel them. As long as you have a variety of distractikn methods music, massage, breathing,etc you can make it.
  • I started in active labor, with contrax about 3 min apart within the first hour. They were piggyback very quickly after that, barely time to catch my breath in between. (I got an epidural but it wore off quickly and do remember the contrax on the monitor the small period I was numb.)

    It was definitely difficult, but I think I could have gone natural if only I'd realized I was actually so close to pushing! 

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