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For moms who gained more than the "recommended" amount during pregnancy, how long did it t

I have gained about 40 pounds, and I am at 39 weeks, so I may or may not gain more, or I could go into labor soon. I still feel like 40 pounds is how much my body needed to gain, because I ate in response to hunger, and made healthy food choices most of the time. I also started pregnancy underweight, so carrying five extra pounds permanently would not bother me at all. 

If you don't mind sharing, how much did you lose in the first 6 weeks, when you couldn't really work out, and how long did it take to lose the majority of the weight?


Re: For moms who gained more than the "recommended" amount during pregnancy, how long did it t

  • I gained about 35 with my first baby, 40 with my second. I didn't really start "working out" again until about 6 weeks, but I lost much of the weight in the first six weeks anyway. I feel like my body has a natural "set point" that I revert to when I eat fairly healthfully/cleanly and am moderately active. Breastfeeding really helps too :)
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    If you were underweight to begin with, 40lbs is probably about right. I didn't start working out until six weeks pp.  I probably had 5lbs left to lose at 6 weeks with my first, maybe 8 with my second? Either way, it came off. Breast feeding is amazing!
  • I'm no help because I was overweight pre pregnancy and lost 30 lbs during my pregnancy. Good luck!

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  • FWIW, I gained the "right" amount with my first and lost it pretty quickly after birth (though it's been so long that I can't remember how long it took). However, I certainly didn't have my pre-pregnancy body back, by any stretch of the imagination. Even though the scale showed numbers that I was happy with, none of my clothes fit the same. My entire body shape had completely changed. Just something else to keep in mind.
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    I started my pregnancy 20 lbs overweight and gained another 50. I lost about 25 lbs in the first 3 weeks pp and started working out at about 6 weeks pp. LO is now 7.5 months old and I have lost about 51 lbs total. I have 20-25 more to go until I hit my goal weight. Just be patient with yourself. That has been my biggest challenge....I want my old body back and I want it now. It takes time.

  • I gained 20 lbs each pregnancy and only had about 5 lbs to lose at my pp check up.  I breastfed and watched what I ate and walked every day and started running at 4 weeks pp so I think that all helped.  Breastfeeding is an amazing weight loss for me.  I lose the weight quickly and then starting around 6 months of breastfeeding it's hard for me to keep weight on and I can basically eat whatever I want.  It's lovely but makes weaning a rude awakening! 
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  • I gained about 33 with my first and dropped it all in two weeks, although I didn't look or feel like myself for about 3 months... I was also underweight to begin with and actually went below my original weight by about 6 months post birth, which was one of the reasons I stopped breast feeding... I had a very large, very hungry baby...

    I gained less with my second, about 30 pounds I think, but she was 2.5 weeks early. I also lost the weight quickly, maybe within a month or so, and ended up losing even a little more.

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  • i lost 33 by 6 weeks. I'm still working on the last 7!
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  • 2-Step2-Step
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    I gained 50 and 45 with my two 9 pound boys. In the first six weeks I lost about 35 pounds. It took me until about five months pp to lose the rest. 
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  • I gained about 45 pounds during pregnancy and lost 25 pounds in the first month and then was slowly losing at about a pound every two weeks.  When daughter was about three months old I started a new job, got really sick and we moved house all within a two month span and it took about a year for life to stabilize (financial problems, death in family, etc), and during that time my weight actually increased a little.  About five or six months ago, with life steadier, I returned to a lot of my former, healthier ways and the weight has been coming off at about a pound a week.  I've now lost almost all the baby weight and am on track to do so by my goal date - daughter's two-year birthday party (end of this month).  As someone else posted though, my body does not look the same as it did pre-baby, regardless of what it says on the scale. But I also have a lot less time to do the hiking and walking I used to do and my new job is much more a desk job, so it's not terribly surprising I guess.  Good luck!! 

  • I gained 45 lb total. Lost 20 lbs the 1st week! Then gradually lost another 10 over the next 4 months. Stayed the same weight for 8 months. Now I'm weaning and lost a few more lbs. I am still 10lbs from my pp weight.
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    Thanks. I've been way too worried about my weight. Crash into...your schnauzer fur babies are so cute.
  • I gained over 40lb my second pregnancy and lost 22 by 6 weeks but I actually did start working out before that. Most of it came off at the beginning (30lb by 3 weeks.) Now I'm down about 28 lbs with 12 ish to go, at 3 months but really, I've been eating 5 lactation cookies a day. If I just STOPPED eating junk I would have lost more by now. I'm really hungry, though, and sugar is tasty.
  • Adding- I gained about 30lb with DD1 but I delivered at 36 weeks so I basically gained more than recommended but didn't make it to term, if that makes sense. By 12 weeks with her I had less than 5lb to go. After 6 months of BFing my weighloss accelerated and I dropped below pre-pg weight. Some studies show that BFing really starts weightloss more (compared to FFing) after 6 months.

    It's not a miracle pill, but I wouldn't be losing any weight while gulping cookies if I wasn't BFing, and I gained 5lb right after weaning DD.

  • Congrats on reaching the end of your pregnancy!!!  I was healthy in terms of food choices and I remained active while I was pregnant and I still gained 60 lbs.  I kept checking with the dr and she was v supportive of continuing to do what I was doing bc the baby was doing well... I think a lot of it was water.   After I delivered it melted off... I was back to my pre preg weight within 12 weeks - and I had not found time to exercise and I was not dieting (my appetite post partum was incredible!) but the weight shed - which led me to believe that my body really did do what it needed to do to grow a healthy baby.  The weight gain bothered me at first but it disappeared very quickly after I delivered.  I know I am fortunate for this bc not everyone has the same experience -but I share this with you bc I was concerned that I had put on so much weight ...and my Dr insisted that my body was doing what it needed to for the baby. After he was born and it melted off, it made me really believe in my body! its like it knew exactly what it needed.  best of luck and congratulations!
  • salt78salt78
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    Everyone is different. For me personally, I gained 35 lbs and the weight pretty much fell off. I was back in some of my pre-preg pants by 4w pp. Also BFing didn't work out for us so I don't think it's be-all and end-all of postpartum weight loss.
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  • I was so worried about losing weight postpartum, especially since I gained a lot of weight in the beginning of my pregnancy, but for me it just fell right off postpartum. I know it's different for everyone, but I shouldn't have worried so much.

    My weight gain really leveled off in the last month or so, and I ended up gaining 30 lbs total.... but I was not exactly skinny before getting pregnant (5'7" and 160 lbs, BMI = 25). I was 190 the day I went to the hospital for my induction on a Tuesday night. When I got home from the hospital that Friday, I had lost 10 lbs and was down to 180.

    Now at almost 4 weeks postpartum, I am 157 lbs (lost all my pregnancy weight plus 3 lbs). I have been eating pretty healthy although I still have a little ice cream now and then, and breastfeeding... my son eats like a champ and has already gained over 3 lbs. The only exercise I have done so far is walking with baby in the stroller, but once I get the okay from my doctor I plan to add in more intense exercise.

    Try not to stress about it... it's different for everyone, but your body really does burn lots of extra calories from breastfeeding! Congrats on your soon to be baby! 



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  • I gained 60 lbs with my 1st and 55 lbs with my 2nd. I don't remember how much I lost right away. With DD1, I was back in pre-pg clothes at 4 months pp but 5 lbs heavier. With DD2, I got back to 10 lbs and 1 size above pre-pg... that was 2 years pp.

    I gained 44 lbs this time, with working out 3 days/week the entire pg. I lost 20 lbs in the first 3 weeks and have been stuck there since. DD3 is a very high needs baby, so I haven't been able to start working out again.

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  • I am 5'7". I was 120 when I got pregnant, 168 when I delivered (2/26/12). I probably lost 15 lbs. in the first six weeks, then hung out at 143-145 for a long time as I pushed exercise to last on my priority list.  Now I'm quite happy at 130, running 15-18 miles/week, and feeling good in my old clothes.  

    40 lbs. is no big deal.  My doctor never expressed any concern about my gaining 48.  

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  • zzbbzzbb
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    I gained 40 and have about 12 to lose but I'm jiggly everywhere and need to do some working out. I'm just now 6 wks and did one workout at the end of last week and it felt great so plan to start with a plan this week. I've been breastfeeding so I think that's how I've lost weight because I've not been working out or eating carefully.
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