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3 week old moans and groans

So just here recently my daughter moans and groans at least an hour before she wakes up. So naturally I am awake thinking it my cue to get up, but it goes on and on before she actually, wakes up. Is this odd? Common? Advice?

Re: 3 week old moans and groans

  • KovakKovak
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    Hahaha! My little guy does this too, accompanied by pretty big farts. He moans sometimes without the farts but usually only when he has a paci in his mouth. It is kind of annoying getting woken up an hour or so before you need to be, but I find the farts pretty amusing.
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    My 8 week old does this still.  She grunts and groans off and on all night.  But all naps and night sleep it is as if she is really struggling to wake her self and is trying so hard but just can't do it.

    At night, once she's woken me and if its been a couple hours since she went to bed I just change her and feed her and put her back to bed.  I figure she is getting hungry and I may as well get her fed since I am already up.



  • Mine does this too (3 weeks on Wed)... I assumed this was his 'cueing' so I wake him up to feed at that point (I can't sleep through it)... But if I can wait until he is actually awake before I go to feed him, I would much prefer to do that and get the extra sleep!  I am considering moving him to his own room (currently in bassinet in ours.) because of how noisy he is!

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  • DS was the noisiest sleeper for the first 6 weeks or so! He's a bit quieter now but still makes noise. 
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    Soo glad she isn't the only one! I thought this was crazy but I guess she isn't the only loud sleeper! Thanks for the response ladies!
  • CD is three weeks old and we have the same issues.  i asked his pediatrician and she suggested applying light pressure to his tummy with my hand when he grunts because he likely is trying to pass gas or a bm.  I've been doing this and it seems to help sometimes.  
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  • My baby does a lot of moaning and grunting in his sleep... sometimes it wakes me up but I've learned to pretty much go right back to sleep/ignore it because it doesn't mean he's waking up. When he starts fussing and making what sounds like little bird cries, I know he's up for real.


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