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teething help for 13mo old

My 13 month old is getting 3 teeth at once and is miserable!  He isn't acting like his normal happy self and isnt eating or sleeping as well.  He just wants to lay down screaming and crying. I feel so bad for him!  Orajel and Tylenol are not helping. He doesn't have a fever.  His nose is a runny mess which also just started.  What else can I try?  Offered soft fruit and teething toys...  He is going to the bathroom like normal not constipated or runny etc.  Letting him run around bottom less trying to beat the end of this difficult diaper rash...not a happy camper!!     
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Re: teething help for 13mo old

  • We use infant Advil for teething. Tylenol doesn't do much for my LO at all.

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  • My DS loves to gnaw on carrots when he's teething, especially when he was getting in 4 molars at once.  He's teething right now, and I gave him a bear that's meant to be warm or cool and put it on his forehead to help with the slight fever he has.  He was so comfortable, he went to sleep.  Even if he doesn't have a fever, a similar method may feel nice for your DS.
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    We use hylands teething tablets.   I've seen where they say to take a baby wash cloth and put a small amount of apple sauce smeared in the center, then stick it in the fridge/freezer and then let them knaw on it!   for DD when she was younger we used a mesh feeder with blueberries. 

    oh carrots- I've not thought of that! my daughter has tons of teeth but that'd help her safely reach the back ones if I give her the thicker part!
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    Hyland teething tablets and advil if absolutely nothing else works ( tylenol makes him barf)... but we only use a half dose.  Carrots are great but be careful when they are working up the back ones as they will shave chunks off.

    If you haven't seen them yet go to Baby's R us and get a bunch of these.. these are like Hyland teething tablets .. you should have them on hand everywhere lol.


    This is the best teether we have and trust me we have all shapes and sizes... I love these so much I am buying some more to send to my daughter in Australia for when my grandbaby starts teething..and she is only 7 weeks old lol.

    Tonight my Lil man actually took the teething tablets out of his dads hand and fed them to himself, he knows what they are and what they do... he aint silly. We keep Hyland teething tablets in my purse, the diaper bag ... in the front room and the bedroom... and I have another unopened box waiting on the sidelines.

    I also got some popsicle moulds and freeze water and they help and are way less messy than frozen fruit or juice.

    We just broke through 2 molars in the past week and the last remaining one is being stubborn as I feel your pain. My guy is being a real trooper but I can tell it's bothering him a lot.

    Hope your munchkin feels better soon:)
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  • I got him an Amber teething necklace since he was three months old,and it help him a lot,he never had any problems about teething,and he also got all his teeth.
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  • This is the way DD seems to get teeth...3 to 4 at a time!

    Definitely use Advil for teething...seems to work a little better. Also, find Hyland's Tiny Nose Tablets...they do seem to help the nose to stop running. It is safe for infants.  You give a dose every 15 minutes for the 1st hour and then a dose every hour after that until it stops. It has worked for us.

    For us, this is the time when we put Elmo on the tv and cuddle up on the couch. It helps to distract her for a bit. 

    For food...just keep offering things that are soothing...fruit, yogurt, etc. If your little one will chew on teething toys, then go for it. My DD has no interest in them but will chew on her paci, so I let her chew on it when she is breaking teeth through. 

    Hang in there...remember it doesn't last forever (even though it seems to).


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