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Probably TMI But serious question...

Last night, around 9:30p, I had some really strong stomach cramping (above the belly button) and got super nauseous with cold sweats. I thought I was going to vomit, which I NEVER do. Not even with the flu. So any time I feel like that I get really concerned. Anyways.. it was about 20 min of thinking I was going to be sick and waves of stomach pain. Then about an hour after that was diarrhea. I know that these can be signs of pre-labor but I have been fine since about midnight last night. I can feel LO moving occasionally, so that makes me feel better. I'm just wondering if this sounds like per-labor to anyone else or if anyone has had an experience like this. Maybe I was just feeling sick but it scared the crap out of me. 

Re: Probably TMI But serious question...

  • If your worried call your doctor .

    Sounds like the stomach bug going around my house .

  • I had this early Friday morning around 4 am.  Still no baby.  :(
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  • I've had that two or three times and posted about it. People said it was probably the flu but it didn't last or return after the initial bout of not feeling well. Not sure what it is but I still have an inside baby.
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  • I don't know if I have ever heard of prelabor.  I think you are either in labor or not.  I know that you can have BH's, but I wouldn't assume that your body would purposely make you sick as a way to prepare for an impending birth.  I have actually heard the opposite that women tend to get a burst of energy right before.  To me this all sounds like a virus.  I always recommend calling your doctor if you feel off.  Good luck and prayers it is nothing serious. 
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    I had this starting 1am Friday until the afternoon...still have an inside baby.
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  • This happened to me Friday and I feel like that again right now. No outside baby. Just an upset stomach.
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  • There might be a bug going around. I had this last week, called my doctor and they told me to take kaopectate for the diarrhea if I needed relief, but weren't concerned otherwise. It lasted a little over 24 hours and I haven't had it since. 
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