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Adding to birthday talk

DD wants her 5th bday at a place nearby. The downside? You have to share the play area. At the other big bouncy place you get the areas to yourself. However, if you book the part at 9:00 AM, you get the space to yourself for an hour...then the other party starts at 10, and you share space for 30 minutes. Then you'd move to the private party room. Anyway...she really wants it there, and its close. Is 9 to early? We are early birds....
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Re: Adding to birthday talk

  • I don't have a 5 year old so I may be off base but I think 9 sounds reasonable. Most kids are awake and ready to rumble by then anyway, right?
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  • 9 would be fine for our family. Then you'd still have quite a bit of day left. DD is up at 7 anyway.
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  • id012id012
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    I would love a birthday party at 9 am. It would give me the whole rest of the day for our family. So i vote no its not to early.
  • Thanks! I actually attended one at that time and liked it. I dropped her off, and went to the gym. Perfect timing!
    Mom to Big Sister (2008) , and boy/girl twins (2010) Life is busy!
  • 9 would be way too early for us. 10 is pushing it for us on the weekends. My kids aren't early risers by nature. Emma starts school at 9 twice a week and we have trouble getting her out of bed for it.
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  • We have no problem with 9. Most of our sports on Saturdays are earlier and school is a lot earlier.
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    No way would we be able to make a 9. Preschool doesn't start until 11:45 here so our earliest morning is a 10:15 storytime which we're usually 10 minutes late for.
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    9 AM would be hard for us to attend without us getting up and rushing around to get out the door.  DD has dance lessons one day a week at 9:45, it's 5 minutes from our house & I struggle to get her there on time.  The earliest time I've seen a party start around here is 10:45 am. That being said I'm not a morning person & DD is a super dilly dallier.

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  • I would actually like to be invited to a 9am party!  Get to party then have the rest of the day to yourselves.  I would go for it.

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  • I would love a nine o'clock birthday time.  We're morning people and like to get things out of the way early.  Unfortunately, i know a ton of people that would have a really hard time with a party starting at that time...even kids.  My niece started kindergarten this year and is busy with extracurriculars.  On saturday morning, she is wiped out and sleeps til almost nine.  I guess it depends on the specific family.

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