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Tongue tied

Did anyone have a baby that was tongue tied? Did you have the doctor clip the frenulum?

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Re: Tongue tied

  • Yes, twice (the first doctor didn't get it all). It was very quick and easy and has made an incredible difference in our nursing. While it's not the most pleasant thing to watch your LO go through, it's over very very quickly and can really help him/her in the long run.
  • Our LO has his clipped on Wednesday. Very easy procedure and he didn't even bat an eye. I was terrified for him to have it done but breast feeding is so much better now and he even has a new cry!

  • Yep, got my baby's tongue clipped last week! He cried for about five minutes and ate immediately after and has been fine ever since! I was really nervous but it was cake:D
  • My boy had both a tongue and upper lip tie.  Got both fixed last Thurs at 15 days old.  Procedure was less than 2 minutes for both and he was done crying by the time I saw him after (2 mins).  I think he was tender for the rest of the day (they used a hot knife to cut/cauterize it), but otherwise seemed unaffected by the procedure.  I have noticed a significant improvement in his latch/transfer already and BFing is much less painful now!!!
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  • We had DD's clipped at 2 weeks. I was terrified and definitely cried more than she did. Her latch was instantly better, and we weaned off the nipple shield over the next week and now have a really great BFing relationship!
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  • My DS who is now three years old was tongue tied. We had his tongue snipped at about five weeks. Wish we had done it sooner!
  • Both my DD's were tonguetied. We had DD1's frenelum clipped at 11 days old. They did it at the dentist office and she cried more because of the bright lights than because of the procedure itself.

    With DD2, I asked the doctor to check her out while I was still in my LD room.Turned out she was tongue tied as well and the Dr was able to clip her frenelum right then and there.
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  • Yup. Our daughter was tongue tied. The lactation consultant at the hospital was the one who noticed it the day after DD was born. She suspected when she heard how much pain I was in from bfing. I already had a blood blister after our first feeding. They clipped her frenulum that night. I was freaking out when they took her, but she was back in 5 mins and didn't even cry during the whole ordeal and her latch was instantly less painful. She's still a barracuda, but it is definitely much better now that her tongue provides somewhat of a barrier.
  • DD was tongue tied. They clipped her tongue at 1 day old in the hospital. I agree that it made a huge difference in her bf'ing.
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