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How's your lo doing?? I know how much cocksaci sucks?
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Re: Momathompsom

  • Hey! Thanks for thinking of us! Well, Hunter is finally sleeping at night again, which says a lot because Thursday and Friday night he only slept about 4-5 hours on and off. He was miserable. I can't think of another word (probably because I am sleep deprived as well!), but he was WORSE than miserable.

    Friday night, we finally had to resort to benedryl to help him sleep. I am a pretty firm believer that sleeping helps your body heal so much faster, and he just wasn't sleeping.

    I think he has sores in his throat because he is acting like he can't even swallow, not water, milk, medicine, his own saliva (he just has his mouth open and the drool drips out like a faucet.

    Like I said, he actually slept last night from 9:45-5:45, then really wanted a bottle at 5:45 so I also snuck in Ibuprofen, and he is currently still asleep at 7:40!

    Oh-also, I found out last night he is getting his first molar! That is NOT helping, lol!!

    The worst thing that could happen is Charlotte won't have grown much in her next u/s this Thursday, and the MFM will want me to deliver that day or the next. (his b-day party weekend, still getting over hand/foot/mouth, and while I am freaking out that I am carrying those germs and don't want to give them to Charlotte!) 

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  • I never thought that Hunter would be allowed to watch more than 1 Bubble Guppies episode a day, but that does seem to either calm him down or distract him enough to quit moaning. At least I am getting in some serious snuggle time, right?
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  • My pitiful man on day 1:


    and day 3:


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  • Poor guy! I sure hope he gets better fast, and your little nugget gets more time to cook so you can all enjoy the party and get some rest. Good luck!
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  • Aw, poor guy!
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  • zoeyyzoeyy
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    Awwww poor guy!!
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  • Awww, he looks so sad, but I bet the extra mommy snuggles are helping a bunch.

    I hope he's feeling better!

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  • Thanks you all! Such a sweet group! He is feeling better, and some of the blisters are looking smaller. I am just hoping that his blisters clear up before Saturday (his b-day party day).
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