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The reflux runaround VENT

I am so frustrated with reflux issues. Dd has silent reflux, meaning she doesn't spit the stomach acid up with her formula, the poor thing swallows it back down. Hubby and I didn't want to immediately go to meds if we could manage it other ways so her pedi told us to try thickening her formula. Well, the cereal really does do wonders for the reflux but it makes her constipated compounded by soy formula because she doesn't tolerate cows milk! She's such a happy baby, idc that the nurses at the peds office say "it's normal", it is not normal for her to be crying and whining in pain trying to poop hard balls, nor is it okay.

So we have tried switching to a more gentle soy formula but there is no huge difference. We also switched cereals to one that has probiotics. Surprise surprise, the probiotics are helping the constipation but it doesn't thicken very well at all so her reflux just seems worse! It just defeats the whole purpose of the cereal.

I feel like I have to choose what issue is more important to me, the reflux or constipation and they are BOTH big deals to me. I am not going to watch my wonderful happy daughter all of a sudden be in pain for any reason. I just don't know what else to do. Thankfully her appt is in about a week and her pedi is great about listening and addressing our concerns but everyday of going around in circles is like torture. I have serious anxiety about it because my daughter almost chokes at times with the reflux but will start to refuse bottles with the constipation. I am at my wits end. Thanks for listening if you survived this whole post!

Re: The reflux runaround VENT

  • We had these EXACT issues. The cereal made him so constipated and miserable that we stopped it after only 3 days. From there, I just kind of let it ride and watched him. He seemed to be better for a week or so, then the reflux came back with a vengeance. He was put on Zantac and is like a whole new baby! I encourage you to not be afraid of it. It's amazing how much happier DS is now!

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  • i feel like the only way to avoid the reflux and constipation is to go on meds.  Our LO is on Zantac and it really seems to help......
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  • Have you tried giving LO prune juice?  I give DD 1 oz everyday and it has helped a lot with her pooping.  I also give her probiotic drops everyday.  The pedi said she could have up to 2 oz of juice but that much hurt her stomach so we cut it back.  You could always give that a shot!

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  • You don't know what else to do? Try the meds. I know you didn't want to, but if they work and you see how happy and pain free your baby is all of a sudden you'll be glad you tried them. DS has silent reflux too and he is a completely different baby since we started Zantac, its truly a miracle.
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    LO is on prilosec. She had bad acid relux and I was willing to try anything. It has done wonders and I now have an easy baby. How old is LO? I feel like her digestive system matured at around 6 weeks and she has had a lot less gas issues. I hope it gets better as I know its very hard on everyone to go through these issues.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies! Dd is 8 weeks tomorrow. I guess my problems with some of the meds are I can't be sure what any lasting effects of medicating will be, if any. Gastric acids are some of the bodies best defense against bacteria so I'm weary of the meds that decrease acid production but I know there are other types as well. I know thickening formula and introducing a type of solid so soon can also be harmful as well so I guess I'm still stuck on what holds less risks. Thanks everyone so much for their input!

  • My daughter has very severe reflux and has been on Prevacid and Zantac since she was 2 weeks old but the only things that seem to truly help are Similac Alimentum and rice cereal. When she was on soy she was very constipated but the Alimentum cleared her up. My daughter has a milk protein sensitivity and actually alimentum is recommended more than soy for that. It's worth a try!

    My pedi recommends prune juice for constipation and a suppository if that doesn't help.

    Personally, I don't see anything wrong with trying the meds, but don't expect too much. It is a common misconception that they stop the reflux. They don't. She will still have all the same symptoms, she will just be less fussy when they occur if the meds do their job.

    I'm so sorry your LO has to go through this. It's just awful to watch, isn't it? I'm thinking of you both.
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    Thanks girl! We tried alimentum and it did help for a while but even thickened her reflux seemed worse :/ I myself have issues with dairy, even lactose free stuff so I'm not sure if she maybe has the same issues as I do and that played into it. We are trying pear juice for constipation and if it works we will weight the pros and cons of thickening and juice for maintenance or meds with her dr.

    I've been sending you and Ella thoughts and prayers!

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