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Allergies and preschool question

DD1s preschool is peanut free.  There is a high school aged teacher there who could eat peanuts and then suddenly couldn't be anywhere near anything peanut or ana reaction.  Anyhow, next week DD1 wants to take cupcakes to school for her birthday.  Do I need to buy these at the grocery store or can I make them at home? 
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Re: Allergies and preschool question

  • It depends on your school's policy.  Ours doesn't allow homemade treats because they want everything to have an ingredient label for the kids with allergies.  That said, the only grocery store cupcakes that I know of that are nut-safe are the "school safe" treats from Whole Foods.
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    i work at a DC and we'll take homemade goods as long as they were made from a mix and the parent brings in the mix's ingredient label.  however, we are not a peanut free school (even though we have a handful of severe peanut allergies, it drives me insane).  we just double check to be thorough.  definitely speak with your child's teacher, they should be able to share their policy with you.

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  • If you must bring cupcakes as a treat buy them from a store that has ingredients listed.  That was they can make the call on if they serve them and to whom.  But you could end up taking a lot of cupcakes home with you.  The problem with homemade is kitchen cross-contamination.  It's not that I don't trust you but it's something I can't take a chance on.  

     Could you do another type of treat?  Traditional Oreos, individually wrapped rice crispies, fruit with yogurt, pudding cups, strawberry newtons? Or even stickers, tattoos, pencils, a small toy are very well received at preschool for a birthday treat.   

  • Yeah, depending on the school, they may want something with a label.  I would ask the teacher if I were you.  Some kids have very sensitive allergies and can't have foods made on the same equipment (pans, bowls) as baked items that have had nuts in them in the past.  

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