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My May baby was a March baby...

Hi everyone. I posted back in March that my water broke (Hospital Bedrest thread here). I was 31 weeks and one day - they got me to 33 weeks exactly. They were planning a c-section for April 7 (34 weeks), but were thinking about one on April 1. The night of March 30, I started getting contractions (although I was hoping it was indigestion) but by the next morning, they knew they were going to do a c-section. My little princess decided she didn't want to be an April Fool, she wanted to be an Easter Bunny. Luckily, my husband and the grandparents had time to get there and Parker Lauryn was born that afternoon.

She did great initially - 3 lbs, 10 ozs and breathing on her own. She had to get an NG Tube (feeding tube) in her nose, so that was expected and she sailed along - after 6 days, they decided to move her from the Nicu to the step-down Nicu (where I could stay in the room with her all day and night). She was there for almost two weeks - we were just waiting for her to take all of her bottles, when she developed NEC. For those who don't know what that is - it's basically a bacteria infection that can develop in preemies and can require surgery. Taken VERY seriously and was absolutely terrifying time - she was sent across the street to the children's hospital. Thankfully she never required surgery. She stayed in Children's for 11 days and moved to a similar step-down NICU last Sunday. Finally, yesterday, we got her discharge orders and she's home.

I'm not going to lie, after two boys who were nearly 9 lbs, it's a little scary having this (now) 5 lb little peanut at home. She's the sweetest baby - only cries if I change her diaper or clothes, but she's still young (I would have been 38 weeks gestation tomorrow). I do hope she starts crying a bit more - right now we have to wake her up and encourage her to eat because she's so little, so I'll be glad when she sets her own schedule. It's such a relief to be home - being away from my family for over 40 days was extremely rough (even though they did visit quite a bit) and I missed my oldest son's 10th birthday, but at least he was old enough to understand. And now that we're home, he wants to hold her all the time :)

DS1 - 9; DS2 - 6; Angel - May 10, 2011; Baby Girl - Due May 19, 2013

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