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What does your LO pretend to be?

J has pretended to be different things for a little while now, but now he's diversifying.  Before, it was almost always a puppy, he'd crawl around with his tongue out. Now, he's broken out "dragon" with roars and claws, "robot" which basically from what I can tell is just him taking very tiny steps, and Iron Man.  He got a mask for Easter of Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America and he'll put on the Iron Man mask, stick his hand out and making shooting sounds like he's shooting his stabilizers.

Was just wondering what your LOs like to pretend to be.

Re: What does your LO pretend to be?

  • We get lion a lot with lots of roaring.  Mostly, he just plays with his toys in a "pretend" way.  He makes car noises and cooks up pretend meals and has tea parties with stuffed animals.  His stuffed mouse gets "babied" a lot in the real baby's swings and bouncers and things.  N can't speak very well, so sometimes I have no idea what he's doing, but you can tell he's got some big imaginary game going on. :)



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  • All sort of animals, but monkey and bear are her favorites to pretend. Most of the time though she finds a hat, my heels, or wraps her blanket around herself like a toga and says shes a "booootiful pincess"

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  • A is usually hopping around saying he's a bunny or making frog noises. Also like pp he looooves a toy kitchen and whenever we go somewhere that has one he is a cooking fiend.
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  • Cat, lion and crocodile are the most used ones. When he is in their "mode" he pours f.ex raisins out on the floor or the table and eat is with his mouth (it bothers me so I am trying to not have him doing that)
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  • We're in super hero mode over here. We get dinosaurs a lot, but lately he's been flying around the house as Superman
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    We've got a scary lion/dinosaur/kitty/cowboy/Spider-man/marching band living with us.  Spider-man primarily appears on the stairs. Her marching band requires that DH or I beat 2 toys together (blocks are her favorite) while she marches around the room with her toy broom like it is a baton, or she is beating 2 toys together (I never have thanked the ILs for that toy stainless steel kitchen set the got her for xmas) while marching in circles.  It would be very cute if I were hard of hearing.
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  • M goes to circus school so they teach yoga through animals so we get lots of different animals i think frog is his favorite.

  • Strangely enough, N never pretends to be an animal, really. She prefers to pretend she's going to work. :p Favorites are doctor, working on a magazine (like mommy) and being a teacher.
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    C is most often a bunny (hop, hop, hop everywhere!) but occasionally become a dinosaur walking the halls in our building, on all fours with booty way up in there air.  
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  • G pretends to be animals mostly but his favorites are pretending to be a dog or cat.  Oh he also likes to stop around and pretend to be a dinosaur.
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  • If we ask him to pretend, he will, but he doesn't usually pretend he is something on his own.  Usually he is making other things "pretend," like he plays with the trains and sometimes has them kiss or talk to each other. Just yesterday, my H and I were sitting on our couch and we heard behind us, "Oh Hi Kevin, it's me, Victor!" (he was having two Thomas engines talking to each other)
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    B doesn't usually pretend to be an animal, but when he does it's usually something that ROARS!  More often, he pretends to be an engineer and puts together random toys or furniture to make the engine and the caboose of his train.
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  • Is my kid weird? He hasn't done a whole lot of pretending, at least in terms of animals/superheros/etc. He likes to wrestle and pretend to cook a lot, but otherwise, nada. Weird... 



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  • She doesn't, really. She has an imaginary friend who is a dog though.
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  • Robot, choo choo train, dinosaur. Depends on the day.
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    Is my kid weird? He hasn't done a whole lot of pretending, at least in terms of animals/superheros/etc. He likes to wrestle and pretend to cook a lot, but otherwise, nada. Weird... 

    Same here.

    He plays a lot with his cars, trucks and trains, and sometimes he will feed or rock his stuffed animals but that's about it.

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  • superhero, gardener, pirate.
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