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Ugh! Feeding and fussy

My lo it seems is always fussy and wants to eat at least every 2 hrs the last several days. It also seems like when she is awake she is crying and fussy and needs to be held, or bounced. She has been resisting naps and goes 4 to 5 hours awake some times in the evening and i just can't get her to sleep so she is over tired and eventually goes down with a huge bang. I've tried nursing her, bottles of BM , formula ! Agh. I am at a loss and really miss sleeping, will it ever get better?

Re: Ugh! Feeding and fussy

  • Growth spurt, maybe?  I had a few really tough days around week six.  Yes, it will get better :)
  • how old? could be a growth spurt, and as far as resisting naps..well my LO does this too until i put her in a sling. Im a big sling/wrap advocate because it best mimics the environment our LO's have been used too for the past 9 months. My LO, no matter HOWl one she's been up, will always fall asleep. 

    also, some kiddos have a witching hour that extends to 4 to 5 hours!  

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  • Will she grow out of the needing to be held thing? And what kind of wrap? And position?
  • You should definitely check out the 5 S's (Happiest Baby on the Block). Swaddling with arms in, especially, has made a big difference in how easy it is to get our LO down for a nap.  Also, white noise.  Create a calming environment for her.
  • We do all these things, bought the book. She wakes herself up in ten or twenty minutes :
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    Will she grow out of the needing to be held thing? And what kind of wrap? And position?


    i have no clue. A friend of mine has a baby that will only take naps when held or laying with mom, and she's over a year old.  My LO only sleeps through one nap cycle EVER, in the wrap or not. But in the wrap she spends a lot more time in the "quiet alert" phase, and takes a lot in. I used to think she slept that entire time, but when i looked down her eyes were always half open and she was just..still.  Then she'll usually squirm around for 10 minutes and drift off into another nap.  

    Personally, what i plan on doing is sleep training after the 4 month sleep regression (Should that ever happen).  Right now she sleeps like a champ at night by herself-last night she passed out at 745 (could NOT stay awake) and woke up at 530. But if she goes through that regression she may need to be retrained, so I don't feel like there's a point in doing any sort of sleep training until then.  Around 4-5 months, if i have to retrain night sleep i'll do that. THEN i'll work on naps in the crib. The fact is during those regression she'll want to be cuddled more than ever, so it really seems pointless to me to try.

    But i do plan on "wearing" her as often as possible. It gets her used to being out in social situations, being around people, and learning. I used a wrap that's like a mei tei called a "Sasha Wrap".  Yesterday we went to an outdoor mall for 3 hours, and we changed when we got there, put her in the wrap, and we were good to go. She ate, slept, and looked around. No breakdown ever. I keep her in the upright position (I EFF) so when she's done eating I just pat her back until she burps (the pressure of her stomach on my stomach helps burp bubbles come up easier)

    BabyFetus Ticker Little Riley-our first little girl coming March 1st, 2013 (or sometime around there;)
  • Ill have to look into these wraps!!!
  • Hm, I just made a post about DD not sleeping at all during the day.. As in, she maybe gets 3 hours total of sleep in a 15 hour day, and just seems to want to eat every hour that she's awake.

    I figured she might be bored in the house all the time, so took her out on a walk in the stroller.  She fell asleep once we got home and has been asleep going on 2.5 hours now.  Perhaps you can try taking her on a walk?

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  • We walk every day and I am always taking her somewhere in the day but she hates her carseat, so I try to be home by 3 or 4 to get into a routine. I'm at a loss and all the literature contradicts each other and I don't know what to go with. 3 hours in fifteen! You must be pooped!
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