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Better late than never

Thought I would share my birth story! Long story short my water broke just before 11:30pm April 17th and Abigail Marilyn was born at 3:51am April 18th. I managed to have my natural quick delivery that I dreamed of!

At 39wks. 5 days, April 17th, we had an appt. with our midwife (who was surprised I was still pregnant!). She checked me and I was still sitting at 4cm 100% effaced and DD was sitting at a zero station. She swept my membranes and got me almost to 5cm and sent me on my way. Honestly I didn't even feel crampy so I figured the membrane sweep was going to be like the 2 previous and not do anything.


Around 11pm that night I laid down to bed and had three light contractions so I got up used the restroom got some water and laid back down on my other side. just after 11:20 I started to get another contraction and just as it started to go away I heard a *pop!* and fluid gushed everywhere!!! I mean if I was standing my water breaking would have been straight out of a movie!! I was like "oh my gosh" DH asked what and I told him my water just broke. He has the nerve to ask if I'm sure...uh yeah!!! there's a lake in our bed! haha.


We were told if my water breaks not to waste anytime getting to the hospital so I showered and off we went. We got the just after midnight and they didn't bother putting me in a triage room because it was pretty obvious my water had broke. My mom and sister arrived 10 min after us and by the time they arrived the contractions had became uncomfortable. All I wanted was my dad to get there though (I know weird but he raised me alone and we're super close). Him and his wife arrived probably around 1am and by then the contractions were painful!

Everything after was a total blur. I remember the nurse putting my saline lock in and asking if I wanted an epi. I told her no I wanted to go natural and wanted the labor tub ASAP. The anesthesiologist came in and told me the risks of the epi as a standard procedure. He had to talk fast between contractions =] By the time he was done my tub was ready and I rushed down the hall to room 14 to labor in the tub. I was in there for maybe 45 minutes and felt like I had to poop. I told the nurse because I was so scared I would poop in the tub haha. She checked me and said "lets have this baby" I got out and she was getting the bed in that room ready for me but 14 is my unlucky number so I grabbed a towel (which did nothing to cover my naked pregnant wet body lol) and hurried back down the hall to my room 11. When the MW check me I was only an 8 bummmmerrrr.

It didn't take long though for me to finish dilating and next thing I knew I was being told to push. Everyone said pushing was the better part but for me it was terrifying!! I probably pushed for 30 minutes and my beautiful daughter was born at 3:51am April 18th. She was 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. And she has hair!! I was bald until I was two so everyone was expecting her to be the same. I'm still in shock that I was able to deliver her natural. I did have a small tear that required 5 stitches. It was definitely the most amazing experience of my life.


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