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I think I might have a soaker

Just tried our first CD on DD. She's 15 days old and we tried an Alva newborn with a microfiber insert. She's leaked through in an hour. Is this normal for this diaper or could she just pee a lot? What can I do to prevent this in the future? I think we're going to go try a prefold and cover since she's sleeping I can maybe get it all figured out =]
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Re: I think I might have a soaker

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    Was the insert soaked? I've found the inserts that come with the NB Alvas suck. I ordered bamboo inserts and use those or double stuff the microfiber ones.

    Are there gaps at the legs? I haven't had that problem with those, but some people do. If you have aplix ones, try twisting the tabs to get a better fit.

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  • Yeah the insert was soaked. I only have one bamboo insert so maybe I'll give that a try. Thankfully there were no gaps at the legs, they actually fit her perfectly! =]
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    Yeah I agree with PP that you need more absorbency.  You know you can stuff with a tri-folded prefold too.  I personally like prefolds with covers a lot for the NB phase though!
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  • I bought bamboo inserts for my Alva newborns. DD3 sometimes soaks the insert in 2 hours, and sometimes it's only 1/2 wet when I change her. I may have to use both soon or buy some more bamboo so I can keep the diapers nice and trim.
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    My 8 weeker holds her bladder for hours then lets go.  I will go to change her diaper and find it bone dry then watch her pee and it just keeps coming and coming and completely soaks the diaper! 

    We use mother-ease OS and we've yet to have a leak but they are drenched.  She does it at night when I only change every 4 hours...dry then wham soaked before my eyes.


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