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Ergo or backpack carrier or umbrella stroller?

I need some advice. I've seen posts asking a similar question on different boards but they don't really answer the question I have. I'm taking Patrick on some big trips this summer Boise, ID and Boston and am wondering how to easily carry him as we travel. For the Boston trip he and I will be flying across country by ourselves and I'm trying to plan ahead and get the supplies I need.

In a big city, would you rather carry LO in a backpack carrier, ergo, or an umbrella stroller?

Patrick is super active and loves to see everything so I'm wondering if he wouldn't be able to see enough in the ergo or that he wouldn't be comfortable enough in the backpack. I'm also wondering if since he's 10 months old now it's not worth buying the ergo since we already have a britax carrier.

We'll be in Boston for a week so do I need a carrier and an umbrella stroller?

Sorry that this is long but I'm already nervous to be flying with him alone. Thanks in advance for all your help and advice!!
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Re: Ergo or backpack carrier or umbrella stroller?

  • I like the stroller because you can put stuff in the basket underneath and hang stuff if need be.  Umbrella strollers are small enough that they can go most places and he can sit in it an play if need be.  If you take the carrier he might get heavy while you're walking around.

     If your carrier is small enough I would just pack it in your bag and see if you need it, but in my opinion I would definitely bring the stroller.  

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  • I believe with the Ergo you can do a few different positions with carrying him so he can still see well. I feel personally if I were going through an airport I for sure would much rather carry with my Ergo. You can have your hands free and of course LO is just that much closer to me while dealing with the big crowds.

     Also, if you are going ot do lots of site seeing I would still bring or buy a cheap umbrella stroller to bring along too- just to give you a break from using the carrier. If you can find a cheapO one where you go, it may be worth just to leave it behind so you don't have to pack it or worry about it getting through the airport!




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  • If you plan to take public transportation, you should absolutely take some sort of carrier, as you're gonna find it difficult (impossible, actually) to navigate baby in the stroller into and out of stations.  I would take the Ergo (wear him in it in the airport) and an umbrella stroller.
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    I vote ergo as well - especially since a lot of Boston is cobblestone (at least Faneuil Hall). I always have such an easier time with the ergo over the stroller. As pp said, navigating the T will be a million times easier, too. DS is starting to like the back carry more and the view from back there - 10m is definitely not to late for the purchase. 
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  • I used an Ergo w Caleb until he was 18mon. It's fantastic for travel. I vote that you buy an Ergo and travel w it. If you find you need an umbrella stroller, buy one at target or Walmart. They're only $20 or so
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  • We have a gemini, virtually the same as the egro except it can forward face. LOVE it, we use it all the time. Like pp you can have your hands and he will be close to you. Also more comfortable than a cheap umbrella stroller if he falls asleep. I am not sure about the egro I think it does, but know the gemini back carries as well.

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