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SUMMER IS COMING! (for those of us who do not live in warm weather 12 months out of the year). What do you do when it comes to the summer sun? Do you hide away where it can never touch your delicate skin? Or do you go all out greasing yourself up with oil in hopes of baking like a crispy potato? Do you use tanning booths or spray tan? 

Today is our first REALLY warm day and I'm looking at myself in my tube top and shorts realising how sickly pale I look, this is why I asked lol.

I don't actively try to sun tan. I dealt with skin cancer before and skin treatments left my skin really senstive to the sun. I don't hide away either because I love the feeling of the sun on my skin, I just make sure to wear sunscreen (mine is medical strength and goes on like paint, so I kind of hate it) and not be out too long.

I've never been in a tanning booth or spray tanned in my life (not because of any fear or aversion, I just haven't and now I can't use a booth. For spray tans I worry about cheap ones making me look orange and I'm too cheap for the good ones. I usually end the summer with a natural "tan" just as a result of being outside, that is roughly my sisters natural skin tone. Damn you fair skin.

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  • I will admit I used to be really bad. I would pretty much oil to get as dark as I can. In the last few years though I care more about lathering myself with SPF 30 than getting super dark.

    I am not good with crazy heat so if we are outside I can stand the sun for a bit but end up in a shaded spot pretty quickly and kind of alternate. The only time I really love the heat is if I am near a pool or lake. Then I can spend all day in the sun.
    Hoping for a nice summer with lots of beach days! Summers are hit or miss where I am, so hopefully there isn't too much rain!

    Oh didn't answer the other part. I used a spray tab once and as I said, I used to be bad and I would use tanning beds. The only time I do now is if I am going on a trip. We just went to Mexico so I went 3 times a week for like 5 to 10 mins a few weeks before the trip to get a base. I had minutes left on my account from when I was younger so I used them up.
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  • I love to be outside or at the beach or pool. I do lay out at the beach but I use tons of sunscreen;  I just like the feeling of being in the sun and we always bring an umbrella for when it gets to be too much.

    DH has pasty Irish skin and he burns to a crisp and it looks like DS has his Daddy's skin so we've been extra careful with him.

      I will admit that I always secretly hope I will get a tan because I like the way it looks but I do protect myself. I never oiled up and laid out when I was younger or anything either, and I do not go tanning or self tan- that kind of maintenance is just not for me!

    ETA I spray tanned once for a friend's wedding in the fall and I hated the way it looked.

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  • I am very, very fairskinned and burn pretty quickly. If I know I will be spending a long time in the sun, I will use sunscreen all over, usually at least 55 spf. Day to day, I use a moisturizer with 15 spf. DH is very laid back about getting sun and doesn't use sunscreen because his mother raised him never using sunscreen and likes to bake in the sun herself...she can get very dark but she is only 53 and looks much older because of the sun damage to her skin. DS always has sunscreen on and a hat when we are outside for extended periods of time and I will raise him to be smart when it comes to protecting himself from the sun.
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    It's always summer here! ;)

    Growing  up I was always tan. But we were always at the beach and I never really did the sunscreen thing.  

    Then I started working at a dermatologist office and all that changed. When you see skin cancer on a daily basis it changes your outlook on things. Now I'm a nice pasty white! Haha.

    Before special occasions I will do a spray tan. Not those booth ones but where a person actually sprays it on you. I love them and they come out great! 

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  • I love being outside!!!! I work as a landscaper and play outside as often as I can. I use SPF 15 everyday all year on my face and 15 or 30 if I'm going to be out all day for work or play. The boys don't burn easy but wear 30 on long days out side.
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    It was 30 degrees here yesterday...and 85 on Wednesday so I am hoping summer comes to stay soon.  When I was younger I would get the dark tanning oil and lay out all afternoon to get dark.  I tan easy and have an olive complection so I rarely burn.  DH has the same coloring and so does DD.  DD I kept her covered or in the shade last summer.  This summer we have clothes with spf and sunscreen since we will be camping and in the sun a lot on the nice days.  I tanned a few times for a wedding.  I hated it.  I will never tan in a tanning bed again.
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  • I am hoping to get outside with the kids a lot this summer now that I am staying home with them.  I will use the same sunscreen as them though, 50 SPF. I like how I look with a tan but I won't lay out like I would have when I was younger.  I will just get some rays from playing outside with the kids.  When I was a teenager I went tanning before prom and I went way too much!  I am not into that anymore! 
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