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Binkie Fairy

Well, the binkie fairy has come. Our pediatrician (and dentist) have recommended using the pacifier (DD's beloved nay nay) just for when its absolutely necessary. She is addicted to the thing so we are starting off at nap time, car rides and bed time. Omg, you guys, its so sad to hear her pine for the thing and search for it. I'm afraid when Alex comes she is going to snatch his (which I will wait to give for at least the first two weeks even if my boobs are falling off) and make off with it to her secret lair. I feel like the worst parent evar with her begging me for it. I'm hoping its just a week or two of misery for us both.

Is it wrong that I hope that Alex never takes one? I did it in the beginning with DD because my boobs were literally bleeding, and it felt like a thousand tiny needles stabbing me in the boob every time I nursed (comfort nursing was a real slog for me). I was in tears and finally decided to give her a bink. She has been in love with them to the point of addiction since. Especially since BF didn't work out for us. We LOVED BF. Like, we enjoyed the time together and when my supply dried up I cried and cried (with her because she was not a fan of formula in the beginning). So this whole pacifier thing is like reliving the BF failure or something crazy like that.

I'm just venting because right now she's crumpled on the floor pining for her nay nay. Its like someone died for her. Lord save me.

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Re: Binkie Fairy

  • Oh Prim I am so dreading this as well. My little man is obsessed with it. If it falls somewhere and we can't find it right away he freaks the freak out. We do have a ton of them but i try to only have 1 out at a time so when we get rid if them they ate gone for good. He did not want one but came back with the hospital one after his circ. DS always wanted it but became more obsessive after he gave up his bottle. When my next little man comes I am going to try not to give him one but will if it soothes him. I am not against them but it breaks my heart for when I am going to have to take it away. I am a sucker and don't have the heart to do it. I know I have to by 3 for sure which is in September. Good luck!!
  • My heart goes out to you both... Please let us know how it goes, as a first time mom I'm a little terrified of these milestones. It's easier to know that the hard work pays off!
  • My mom said I was the exact same way. I think I'd still have one if she didn't do what she did. She said she cut my binkie tip after I fell asleep one day and told me I broke it from sucking too much.

    Apparently I cried for a whole day and that was it. Not saying this will work for you but maybe a thought?

    Thinking of you and your DD today! Loss of binkies are rough!

  • Awh so sad. My mom said i did the same thing. I kept asking "where's nuk?" In a pitiful little voice. Your babe will probably get over it faster than you though. .. try to think of it that way :

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  • We took the bink away except for bedtime and car trips last month after his 18 month appointment. We cannot even use the word around him or he will get mad. I just keep telling him that binkies are only for bedtime. They stay in his crib.

    The best part of taking it away is he talks so much more now. Im not sure if im using one for the new baby either. If I do im taking it away much earlier.
  • I had heard to swap the binky for a sippy cup of water... not sure if that would work for everyone, but I know of a few babies that came off of the binky that way. Good luck!
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    Aw. I'm sorry you are having to hear her upset over the binkie. Hopefully the little guy won't do the same so you won't have to feel bad again. I hope with my little guy I'm as lucky as I was with DD. She had only one binkie and it was orange. one day he spit her binkie out at three months and it landed in the dirt and I never gave it back. No crying for it or anything. Hopefully my guy will do the same. Good luck on staying strong mom!! She'll forget about it soon.
  • SO's DD is four and just got rid of her binks, she was a total addict too lol.  SO was close to getting her off of them, but SO's ex had no interest until the dentist told her the binks needed to go. About a month ago, LO and her mom went to Build a Bear and she made a binkie bunny with 2 binks.  She also put 2 more in a balloon and let it go to heaven for babies in heaven to have.  She was so proud to show off her binkie bunny and that she's not sleeping with her binks anymore.  I think it all depends on the kid, but it helped that we talked about it long before they were actually gone.  She knows that they are for babies and that she doesn't need them anymore.  That made it easier for her to give them up.

     Hang in there Prim, she'll find something else to soothe her. 

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  • We're also have a paci addict here.  I "planned" to be done with it by 1 yr, but this girl still loves to nurse and use her binky.  We've been able to drop it down to just nap and bedtime at this stage,  but I think I will let her keep using it until after the transition with the new baby.   I will definitely try the paci with my next one, but I will try to eliminate it by 6 months so we don't have this attachment thing next time around. 
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  • We were going to try to get rid of the suckie at about 18 mo, but I decided to wait until she could understand that they were going away. So I have been too chicken. :S

    When I had my suckie addiction as a toddler, my mom would tie one to the bed frame... That way I could go suck on it if I wanted, but I had to leave my toys or whatever other excitement that was going on to do it. Had a separate one for bedtime so no issues with the string... That's the approach we're going to take if we have to. It looks like Playtex has discontinued the brand that she likes, so we may have no choice if she loses or chews through her last few.

    Personally, I think suckies are a better choice than letting them suck their thumbs. At least you can take the suckies away. There's very little you can do about thumb sucking, as kids will sometimes just suck the bitter stuff right off an keep on going... Stubborn little things. ;D

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  • Both my sons were pretty indifferent to the pacifier so I never had to transition away from one. Hopefully your next baby won't be so into it. GL!
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  • Aw, honey. Sad HUGS to both of you.

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  • We did away with Alec's paci a couple months ago and it was a rough couple nights!  Hard to hear them cry but it will be worth it when she doesn't need it anymore.  It is so nice that he is binkie free now and I am proud of myself for being strong enough to take it away.  I am hoping my next LO doesn't take a binkie also but highly doubt that will be the case...........
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