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Baby won't burp

I continue to try and burp my little guy between boobs, but he rarely ever burps no matter what I do.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I've tried all different ways, but he just never seems to.  He also has hiccups a lot (not sure if this has anything to do with it?)  I've read where newborns don't always burp & my pediatrician didn't seem to be concerned.  Will he start burping with time or do some babies just not burp?  On a side note, as an adult, I rarely ever burp myself.
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Re: Baby won't burp

  • From what I understand, bottle fed babies will burp more than breastfed babies because they get more air.  We do both breast and bottle and Ethan burps occasionally between breasts and way more with the bottle.  We seem to get more burps from him when we burp him on the shoulder as opposed to sitting him up.

    Hiccups don't really mean that he has air.  They can cause him to get air.  From my research, hiccups come from a full belly or just the immature diaphragm.  As long as baby doesn't seem to be in pain from gas, I wouldn't worry too much about the infrequent burps.  Just continue to burp him.

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  • My daughter is the same way, but she seems to have tooting very well written down lol
  • I've noticed that when my little man eats from a bottle he gets pretty gassy and has a lot of burps, but when he eats from the breast, I usually burp him in between sides and will get only one burp per side. It also depends on what I've eaten. But if the doctor isn't worried, I wouldn't stress over it.
  • My DD almost never burps after feedings, and when she does burp, it's never from me burping her. The lactation consultant I've been seeing said babies that feed directly on the breast burp less because they rarely swallow air.
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  • Neither of my girls were burpers, to the point where I simply stopped trying after a few weeks. I guess not all babies burp.
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  • My lo doesn't burp either, at least very often.. lots of times she just spits up while we are burping her. The only position I have ever gotten her to burp in is with her sitting on my lap leaned a bit forward with my fingers supporting her face and head and my palm on her tummy.. but it only works maybe a quarter of the time.
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  • Sounds like you're describing my baby!! Mine burps,just not always right after he eats. Often times he'll be cranky a short time later and one our options for getting him to stop fussing is burping him. I'd say at least half the time he does have a burp in the chamber.
  • Our LO is EBF and didn't burp for like, the first 6 weeks... Now he burps occasionally. From what I've heard that can be normal for BF babies
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    My lo doesn't burp either, at least very often.. lots of times she just spits up while we are burping her.

    This is my LO too. I still try because she gets gassy sometimes if I don't. I EBF but she doesn't always burp.  I looked this same thing up during her 4am feeding last night, because there are many time I cannot get her to burp and I wanted to make sure it was ok. She just has to stay upright for awhile because she will spit up more if we out her down too soon.

  • i bottle feed my little one and she hardly burps.

    she farts more than anything

  • This is my LO! She never burps. Both pedi and LC said it is normal with BFing babies! My LO also gets the hick ups all the time my DH was do worried. We were told they get the hick ups frequently for multiple reasons some being if they are overstimulated it's calming for them... But over stimulated means u need to change environment. Or They get them if they are cold and also just normal development. :
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  • Kate_CKate_C
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    Ditto. DD is not a good burper and gets super irritated if we try too long. Pedi said if she doesn't burp in 90 seconds of trying, she in unlikely to do so and will just get more mad and swallow more air. Interestingly he said that it isn't the act of patting the back that helps work the burp out; the goal is actually to just get the baby to relax enough for the stomach to relax and release a burp. So for some that means patting, for others just rubbing their back. I thought the patting actually helped work it out. So much for that.
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  • DD doesn't burp more often than she does and she always seems to be fine whether she does or not. Sometimes it'll be 30 min later and she'll all of a sudden let one out! I wouldn't be too worried
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