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Yesterday at 10:40 am I had a dr's appointment. When going in I was checked and told I was 4cm dilated and 70% effeced. I was so excited, but when they took her heart rate it was 170 and thats a little high for us so they put me on a NST.

During the NST they found out I was contracting 6 minutes apart and my dr reccomended that I find the closest mall and walk and come back in so they could check me, well in that situation I went to a friends house so we could walk together and told her what was going on (she found out I was pregnant with me.)

We walked around Hobby Lobby for a good hour and decided my back pain was starting to get worse. We headed to the dr's office and she had walked me into 5cm! The dr then told me the baby was going to be here that night.

So in the anticipation of the baby on her way we walked more and cleaned my house and so on. My fiance works two jobs and since it was still early we decided to go in. While in L+D they took my blood in fear of toxcima, well as they were getting ready to tell me my blood work was normal the dr checked me and my cervix effaced to 90% and I was having painful contractions.

I was admitted at about 11pm on the 2nd and they started my IV, then because I stopped contracting they decided to break my water and give me a good amount of poticin. I started panicing, I cried and they had decided that I needed to be on magnesium due to the high blood pressure.

Today: I did infact get the epidural but it only took on one side so I never got rest and was in extreme pain, (contractions really really suck) I was finally fully dilated and full effeced she was just up high so we started pushing to get her to slide down a bit, I pushed for 30 minutes and my little girl was born at 6lbs 13oz and 18 inches long! She was quite, she was very tired and she breastfed like a champ (her first feeding,(hoping I could say that about the rest)

My entire labor lasted 11 hours and 30 minutes of pushing.

I am proud to introduce Isabella Rene Marie Hill


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