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Weekend Plans?

DH just asked, "Anything on the schedule this weekend beside nesting?"  I prepped him for a honey-do list.  DD1 has a soccer game tomorrow morning but otherwise, yes it's just nesting. 

What are your weekend plans?

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Re: Weekend Plans?

  • We are headed to PA to visit DH's grandmothers. It's sure to be a fun but exhausting day. Em isn't feeling well, so I really hope she does good.
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  • AchaeAchae
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    We are going to visit friends and make delicious food. Sunday will probably be a cleaning day
  • Nesting. I plan to deal with baby's nursery tomorrow. Then on Sunday DH's brother and my sister are coming over. We are having them over for lunch.
  • Tonight absolutely nothing. Saturday lunch and movie with a friend. Sunday going to a b-day party for DH's cousin's 1 year old.
  • AZAmy77AZAmy77
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    Having friends over for pool party tomorrow!

    Probably nesting/house organizing, etc on Sunday.  Or resting :)

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  • Major cleaning of our bedroom, dragging out the rest of the baby gear for cleaning, tomorrow night DH and I are going on a date while my brother babysits and on Sunday DH gets to mow the lawn in preparation for our DS1's bday party next Saturday :-p
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  • Shower! Whoop whoop! Then nothing. I cant wait for both, but mainly for the nothing part lol

    Me and Zech

  • CL8badBCL8badB
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    Just going to try to get some stuff down around here. I can't believe its May. I have so much to do!
  • Mani pedi in the morning, lunch with the girls, and then hoping to get my fiance and his cousins to put the swing and bouncer together! They are young and we are babysitting, but I figure they can help!

  • Tomorrow, hanging around while a stranger cleans our apartment.  We desperately need a deep clean and it's going to be SO worth the $.

    Sunday we have tickets to go see Iron Man 3 in a theater with reserved seating, so we won't have to wait in line.  I get the aisle seat for lots of pee breaks.  What's that app that tells you when there's a lull in the movie action so you can run to the bathroom?

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  • Saturday is the first official day for Tulip Time. Fair food, kinderplaats, craft fair, carnival, fireworks, tons and tons of walking and having fun.

    Sunday is recovery day from Saturday. Along with a rendezvous with my sewing machine to make crib sheets, changing pad covers, and recover the cushions on the glider for the nursery.
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  • Working out side all weekend. Mowed the crazy tall grass today but plan on getting the rest of the yard picked up and in prime growing stage. Also planting my garden.
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  • Some nesting, party with friends tmr night and DH will probably go watch the fight. Sunday basic house cleaning and relaxing.


    CJ 05/29/2013

  • Today & tomorrow, I'm home alone.  I'm working on the budget tonight (I didn't enter a single transaction in April, woops).  Tomorrow, I'm going to order a glider and hopefully work on TY notes from the shower - I'm about halfway done, but holding them all to mail together.  Sunday, my mom, sister and I are going to Canton, TX - it's a HUGE flea market, and I've never been.  I'm super excited!

    Ooh, I'm jealous of the deep cleaning!  And the mani/pedi... And Iron Man 3...  And wait, there's a movie-pee break app?!?! 

  • Tomorrow afternoon, going to a surprise baby shower for a friend having her 2nd baby (team green this time too.) She thinks it's a birthday party for a mutual friend of ours. Little does she know... ;) Sunday, church and lots of rest. Other than that, nada. Getting ready to head outta here for my SIL's wedding next weekend in SC. Can't wait!

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  • A trip to the Apple store to get my phone fixed. And stripping the cloth diapers I just pulled out of storage because they smell funky. Yup, really fun weekend a head of me! 
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  • I'm getting a haircut and highlights in the morning and then going to a meeting-thing at our friendly neighborhood birth center (ya know, the one whose lawyer advised them to turn me away bc Tricare is full of a-holes). It's the birth experience support group which should be interesting. This means my husband has to manage a snack, lunch, and nap for the toddler so good luck to him. 


    Sunday will be catch up day. I'm behind on housework and laundry.  

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  • We were suppose to go to our nieces bday party but now I am just sending DH with ds2 bc ds1 has pink eye. Fun fun!! I was also informed that we have to clean the basement bc water has leaked in. Again, fun fun. Not my idea of a great sat or weekend.
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  • Tonight we went glow in the dark mini putting. Tomorrow is our maternity photos and my Dads for dinner Sunday

  • For me: continuing this insane nesting kick I've been on since Tuesday. I still have to wash all of his clothes and blankets, refold them, then pace the room like a cat in labor. Haha.

    For H: finish the blasted septic so we can have indoor plumbing! We have hit one snag after another and I'm about to lose my head if we don't get this done.

    For Lucy: tantrum all weekend for fun.
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  • sctigersctiger
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    Tomorrow MIL and FIL are coming to visit and will spend the night.  They're going to help us get the baby's room ready and MIL and I are going to go shopping and finish up the registry.  We're going to church on Sunday and then they're heading out.  On Sunday afternoon we're going to a Cinco de Mayo party.
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