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Clicky Poll - Labor & Delivery Trip?

Have you had a fall? Contractions? High blood pressure? Leaking amniotic fluid? [Poll]


Re: Clicky Poll - Labor & Delivery Trip?

  • I've never been with any of my pregnancies! Hopefully I wont have to this time either..FX!

    DS1 2-26-07
    DS2 10-18-10
    M/C 8-5-12
    DS3  6-21-13
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  • FX I don't end up in L&D until it's baby time!
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  • skioskio
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    I wasn't admitted until I was in labor with DD1, and no scares or false alarms so far this time. Hoping it stays that way and that I'll be admitted for labor around, oh, 38 or 39 weeks. ;]
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  • Fx for no trips! When I was 39 weeks with DS2, I went because I was having timable contractions and had some spotting. I was released when the contractions stopped. 18 hours later I was back, that time I left with a baby :) 
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  • I haven't had any unplanned trips to L&D with any of my pregnancies.  I did have to go there for my Rhogam shots each time.

    FX I'll see those fabulous nurses in the next 3ish weeks and be done!

    BFP 2/14/08, DD1 born 10/11/08 (natural); BFP 5/16/10, DD2 born 01/12/11 (c/s, breech)
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  • Yep, this week was No. 3 for me ... And I got to stay two nights for added fun. Damn high blood pressure and now pre-eclampsia. It's stressful as hell when all you want is a healthy baby and a healthy Mama.
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    We lost our first (EDD 07/23/12) after finding out at 12 weeks there was no longer a heartbeat. Our rainbow was born 05/22/13 and was worth all we went through.

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  • LuthyLuthy
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    I haven't had any trips yet... FX it stays that way till d-day. I'll go if I need to though!
  • None so far this pregnancy. I went once when pregnant with DS for decreased fetal movement. 
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  • I was in L&D once for fluids because I was dehydrated (sick with the flu). That's it.

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  • We just went for the first time last night for decreased fetal movement.  
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  • 2 admissions to L&D - both for high BP monitoring. Good times. Tongue Tied

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  • I had to go to triage at 22 weeks because I fell. They kept me all of 20 minutes before sending me on my way...

    BFP#1: 05/07/12, MC 05/13/12. BFP#2: 07/23/12, CP 07/28/12.
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    Great NT scan at 11w4d, HB=160bpm. A/S at 19w6d: We're team blue!
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  • Mine were months ago for HG.
    Please forgive my typos! I'm not as dumb as my iphone would like you to believe :)
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