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nap in swing ok for how long? 2 mo now

Our almost 10 week old little guy sleeps just fine at night and has no problem going down for bedtime, but during the day his naps are still erratic. He's napped in his crib maybe once. He used to like his newborn napper on the pack and play, but now if we put him in that he'll wake from his nap within minutes. He seems to be able to nap only in his swing.   How long is this ok for?  

When should clear cut nap times develop? 



Re: nap in swing ok for how long? 2 mo now

  • Ds napped in his swing for months. He even did a few nights in there. At that age, sleep is sleep. I don't think Ds started really working out a nap routine, loose as it even still is, until 4ish months.
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  • Same age, same issue here. It's ok with me for now! And he doesn't have much of a routine, but he can nap when he;s out with me in a car seat or Baby Bjorn so it works out ok, the lack of routine isn't too big of a problem yet.
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  • Mine is pretty good about naps, but if it's getting desperate, the swing is our go-to.  I worry, too, about him getting dependent on the swing, but it's more important to me that he sleeps as much as he needs right now.  I'll cross the bridge of habit-breaking when and if it comes (ie he exceeds the weight limit of the swing).



  • I think you're fine for another couple months. I think when they hit that 3 month, after they hit their growth spurt (since that will throw everything off anyways) you will probably want to start taking note of when he seems to get sleepy for naps, and provided you are having them "get up" a certain time, your probably able to predict when they will go down and plan accordingly/ 

     I don't think clear cut naps develop until probably 6 months, when they start going to 2-3 naps. At this point I think you're probably safe to assume they will go down around the same time most days.

     as for the swing, just be happy they will sleep in the swing and not solely on you. there is no way you are "ruining" them. I personally would like my LO to be able to fall asleep ANYWHERE-right now it's only swaddled in the crib after 15 minutes of rocking/soothing to a deep sleep (for naps) or in my sling. maybe in the swing for 20 minutes. 

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  • Adding to the swing question, is there side affect for the swing to continuously for hours? My inlaw does not get off my back about our use of the swing and asking us to stop the swinging after baby has fallen asleep bc it will make baby head cold ie not good. I don't think it is bad to have it swings continuously but he is causing me to doubt myself. Thanks in advance for ur feed back.
  • Sleep is sleep but is there side affect for continuous swing?
  • My MC is almost 7 weeks and only sleeps in his bassinet at night. He loves the swing during the day but if he falls asleep in it I stop it from rocking. I've recently read that motion sleep isn't quality sleep and once baby falls to sleep to stop whatever motion if possible i.e. car, swing, rocking, stroller. He seems to sleep fine when I turn it off. A great book to help with napping questions is Healthy sleep habits, Happy baby. Worth a read.
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