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cleaning baby's bellybutton

Do you clean your baby's bellybutton?  If so, how do you clean it and how often?  I noticed that my LO's bellybutton has some dead skin and such in it, and I'm wondering if I should get a q-tip to clean it during his bath.

Re: cleaning baby's bellybutton

  • wmmaderwmmader
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    My baby is almost four months old and I noticed the same thing in hers. I just grabbed a baby wipe and wiped gently until it came clean.
  • I've wondered the same thing. DD inherited a really deep belly button from DH's side of the family (random thing to inherit but DH has a really deep one and several of his cousins do too...) and it is almost impossible to actually see the bottom of it, but I can definitely see crud in there at times. I've used one of the safety q-tips and dabbed out as much as I could after her baths a few times. I'm not sure if there is a better option or not. Washcloths and baby wipes don't seem to get any of it for me.
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  • kimmletkimmlet
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    I check DS's belly button periodically at bathtime and clean it out with the washcloth.  Afterwards, when we're drying off I'll check it again and use a qtip to get any extra lint or icky stuff out of it that the washcloth didn't get.

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  • Deep belly button here too lol. but i go in at every bath with a safety qtip, and I just can't believe the stuff that just keeps on coming out...
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