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Carrying baby out and about?

Hi ladies,

We have recently started taking DS out for errands, etc. I've been using the ergo with the infant insert and have been loving the hands free aspect of wearing him. Here's the problem: starting this week, it has been HOT here and the ergo ergo seems like too much insulation for him in this weather, I don't want him to overheat. I would love to hear what you all are doing wit your LO's when you are out and about. I need another option until he is able to use the ergo without the insert. Thanks!


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Re: Carrying baby out and about?

  • We use a Snap and Go for errands... Very convenient and we bought it gently used from friends with a one-year-old. When I am going to the grocery store or Target, I just pop out his car seat carrier and place it in the cart (in the main part of the cart, I've heard it's unsafe to put them on top.) I know other baby carriers such as the Bjorne and sling carriers are also intended for newborns, so you could look into that.


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  • I love my ring sling!  I got it from BabyEtte (no affiliation) on Etsy. She has lots of different fabric options including gauze which is nice and cool(er)!!
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  • I have a ring sling that would work really well. I plan to use it more when it finally starts to get above 50 degrees. Right now I leave her in the carseat covered in blankets.
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  • I put his infant seat in the stroller unless he is fussy I use the Bjorn

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  • I use the K'Tan carrier and I love it! It isn't as much fabric as the Moby, and you can do several different carrying positions with it. I had DS in it at the park the other day and it was 80 degrees out. He didn't get overheated, but we also stayed in the shade the majority of the time.
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  • I use a cotton ring sling in hot weather. I think I'm going to invest in a linen Sakura bloom though.
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