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Baby Monitors

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Are you still using a baby monitor?

If so how much longer do you think you will use it for? 



I'm in no rush to stop using ours. Just figuring out at what age it would be an invasion of privacy! Haha ;) 

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Re: Baby Monitors

  • Don't use it anymore but we will be once we go out to the lake, so we could be on the deck while he sleeps inside.

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  • DD will be 1 yr old on Sunday, and I plan on using our video monitor for at least another year or two.  I like being able to see if she's awake or not.  I think it'll be important to have once she goes into a toddler bed too because then she'll be able to roam around her room too.  I like being able to keep an eye on her.  We're getting one for DD #2's room also.
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  • Definitely still using ours. If we're downstairs or outside we need it to hear when he wakes up, and at night we sleep with bedroom doors closed because of the pets so I wouldn't hear him otherwise. I can't imagine not using it any time soon. Like pp said once he is in a toddler bed I would want to be able to keep an eye on him for sure, and we are not anywhere near toddler bed. I feel like I will be using it until he's in school!
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  • I don't have a video monitor (although I really wish I would've splurged on one), but I do use my regular one when she's napping and I'm showering. I love to be able to take a nice long relaxing shower on the weekend without wondering if DD is in her room crying. I also use it when we spend the night at my in-laws whose house is structured so that the room we stay is clear across the house from the living room and we can't hear her if she wakes up.

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  • Never used any monitor. If she really needs us we will hear her. I guess after 4 kids you never sleep anyways. Ha
  • Only used one for the first two months. They seem like a waste if he's awake he yells and if he isn't yelling he's happy playing so why bug him??
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  • We had a sound only one but we were having a mega-power surge issue from the telephone poll outside that started causing things in our house to blow out. Our monitor was one of the casualties. We haven't replaced it because our house is tiny enough to hear her no matter where. But now that it's gardening time we will probably buy a new one so we can hear her when she is napping while we are outside.

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  • We still use it whenever he is sleeping. I still wake up every so often during the night to peek at the monitor and check on him. I think we'll probably use it regularly until he is out of the crib and into a toddler bed. Is that weird?
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  • GromMomGromMom
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    Ours is really a home security system, so we will use it long after we don't need to monitor him. He isn't sleeping in the crib for the whole night, so I use mine all the time while he is napping to make sure he isn't up and crawling.
  • I just turned mine off last night. we have an angel care monitor and she is all over the place in her bed and keeps setting off the alarm cause she ends up curling up in the corner of the crib. so its officially off. shes always had sucha loud cry so I will hear her
  • cltk12cltk12
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    We use ours and plan to continue using it for a few years. We sleep with doors shut and during naps we're moving around the house, starting hard work, etc so we need to use it to hear I'd he wakes up. I wake up once a night and love being able to see him with his little butt up in the air.
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  • We still use ours.  We have one on our bedroom and one downstairs.  We will use it for a while yet.  I think I used mine with my DD until she was 2 years old maybe? I don't remember.
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  • We have a video monitor in each bedroom.  DD is 5 and I still like having one for her too in case she wakes up and needs something.
  • tjkdlhbtjkdlhb
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    We've never used one either.  Right now we're sleeping on a mattress in DD's room because she was waking to BF overnight still... It seems that the overnight wakings may be stopping now, but it's just so cozy in there I'm not sure when we will move.  During the day I'm within close enough proximity that I can hear her if she cries.


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