What should I eat with my reflux baby?

Hey ladies! I just gave birth to my 2nd child. This time a baby boy. With my first I did not have a good milk supply and breastfeeding was a struggle. With this baby breastfeeding has been a breeze but LO has acid reflux. He spits up everything he eats all the time. I was wondering if there are some foods I should avoid that would maybe help with his reflux?


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Re: What should I eat with my reflux baby?

  • First of all, are you certain that he has acid reflux?  Or is he just spitting up a lot?  Some babies spit up after every feeding, or even several times after every feeding, but they're "happy spitters," meaning they're growing okay, they have enough wet and dirty diapers, and they're not in pain when they spit up. 

    Remember that it always looks like there's a lot more coming out than there actually is... you can test this by pouring 1 ounce of water on the countertop and seeing how much it spreads out.

  • I was told that what I ate wouldn't affect her.  But I felt like acidic things like tomatoes and oranges seemed to be harder on her.  Is your LO on zantac or anything?  That helped us a ton, and she weaned off of it by the time she was 4 months.
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  • I might be alone in this situation - but I find dairy makes it worse for him.  That's the only thing I've been able to pin point.  

    Keeping him inclined for 20 or so minutes later helps as well.  Once he sits, he will spit up.  It's hard because that's all he wants to do now.

    Keep a food diary and start eliminating things.  I would start with acidified things first.

    Good luck. 

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  • Yes, I am sure he has acid reflux. We had a check-up and pedi said it sounds like classi reflux. We are going to try keeping him at an incline before putting him on medication. He lost 2 oz since Monday. We go back next Monday to check weight gain.
  • I found eliminating coffee, chocolate, and red sauces helps my baby. We went from spitting up and crying at every meal to maybe spitting up once a day.
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