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When is Your First Appointment?

Thought it would be fun for us to share how many weeks/days until we get to go for our first appt and/or ultrasound!

Because of of a previous loss, my OBGYN is having me come in a little earlier than usual at 6w5d on May 13th!  Only 10 days away, I really can't wait.  I'll be getting an US, and can't wait to see our little blob.

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Re: When is Your First Appointment?

  • Mine isn't until June 3rd! Wahhhh! I will be 9 weeks.
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  • Mine is May 22 (supposed to be around 8 weeks but I O'd late so it will be more around 7 weeks for me).  I don't think it will feel real until then.  I don't believe it until I can see it.
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  • I am seeing the RN and getting a blood test this Thursday at 5w5d. Then I go in for u/s on May 28 at 8w3d. Can't wait!

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    Because of a previous loss my doctor will be seeing me at 7w3d on May 20th. Hoping for much better news at this u/s.
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  • Mine was yesterday at 4wks3days but that was because rheumatologist wanted me to talk with OBGYN about my RA meds.  I did give blood and urine yesterday.

    My first big appointment, with viability ultrasound, will be in three weeks at 7 weeks pregnant.
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  • My first appointment is May 16th.   Usually the birth center I go to sees women for their first appointment between 8-10 weeks, but because I have had 2 miscarriages in the past 9 months, they want to see me earlier.  I know from my last appointment before my BFP that they will give me a script for an early ultrasound as well. 

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  • May 29th, I'll be almost 8 weeks.  Yay!
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  • I work with an RE, so I will go weekly until about 10-12 weeks and then monthly with my regular OB after that.

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  • 2Dash2Dash
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    Going to see my regular doctor on Monday so that he can refer me back to my OBGYN (if you haven't been in a year you need a new referral).  My doctor will likely book me for a dating U/S so that they will know when my appointments with my OBGYN will start.  I think last time my ultrasound was around 8-9 weeks.   I will be very excited for that appointment!
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  • I'm also with an RE. I will have my first u/s May 10th at 6w and the next one on Mayt 23rd, only because I'm away until then and won't be able to go in weekly.  I know 6weeks is early, but I hope I see something that keeps my mind at ease!

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  • echo136echo136
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    Ill be 6w 3d when I go on May 13. 

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  • jcbb12jcbb12
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    May 23rd. I'm out of town when I am 8 weeks so they are taking me a little early. I can't wait!
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  • I was REALLY surprised when she booked me for next week. Ill only be 5 weeks.



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  • May 14th. I will be 6 weeks 4 days. Can't wait.

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  • May 30th at 8 wks 5 d. I'm excited, but not as excited as I thought I'd be. PGAL brain maybe. 
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  • I saw my PCM on Tuesday and they put the referral in for the OBGYN, but it's been taking a couple of weeks for referrals to get approved (gotta love Tricare). At this point I have no idea when i'll get in. Luckily my RE is monitoring me with blood work and ultrasounds through most of the 1st trimester.


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  • Mine is May 9th I'll be 6 weeks, can't wait!!
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  • I actually was brought in today for the basics - blood test, sit down with my midwife talking about no-no's, etc. I just had a pap about two weeks ago so it wasn't a cervical exam or anything. My first u/s and next appointment is 6/3.
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    May 30th at 8 wks 5 d. I'm excited, but not as excited as I thought I'd be. PGAL brain maybe. 

    I hear ya. Nurse intake appointment on 5/21 at 7w2d and ultrasound on 5/28 at 8w2d. I'm not as nutso as I was with DD's pregnancy about getting in to see them. I don't know why.


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  • Mine is on May 24th - I will be 7 weeks and 4 days.  I am excited and anxious at the same time.  Once I can hear the heartbeat, I will feel a lot better.
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  • Sit down with the nurse on May 17th - will be 6w5d.


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  • May 21st at 7 weeks! 
  • May 23. I'll be a little over 8 weeks.
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  • kschrefkschref
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    My appointment is on June 4th. I'll be a 8/1. With two previous losses I think I might go crazy before then. Waiting on bloodwork on Monday and still temping and taking a test in the morning in the meantime. 
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  • May 15 at 6(ish) weeks...  Hoping to have a dating u/s booked so we can get a better idea of when this little peanut might arrive.
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  • I have my intake appointment on May 8th. Last time they scheduled my u/s at that appointment.
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  • My OB is getting me in a little early as well, not much, a little. So I go in May 28th. No u/s that day though.
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  • My first appointment is next Friday. I should be 6w2d. We will be doing an ultrasound to check for a heartbeat and viability. I am so nervous and excited, all at the same time. I'm really hoping that this time, we will have good news.
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  • Mine is May17th - I'll be 8 weeks!!  

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  • We see our midwives June 11th. I'll be 10 weeks! I'll be out of town until the first week of June, and my husband isn't home until the 10th. 

    However, because of my previous loss I've had my betas drawn twice. 
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