Need Ideas for a work function!

Let's say you have to throw a Hawaiian Luau themed lunch for 150 people at work. What would you serve? It would be at lunchtime in July.

So far all I can come up with is Ham and Pineapple.
No booze and nothing TOO extravagant.

Re: Need Ideas for a work function!

  • Can you do Hawaiian sweet rolls with ham and Swiss and then do a tropical fruit salad?
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  • Crock pot pulled pork of some sort. We had something similar when we went to a luau in Hawaii.

    Can you do a nonalcoholic pia colada type drink or punch?

    They grow a bunch of macadamia nuts there, so maybe white chocolate macadamia cookies for dessert?
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  • Pineapple and meatball/chicken/beef skewers. You could BBQ or broil them in the oven and put them in a crock pot to stay warm.

    Fruit salad


    Pasta salad



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    I would do either a fruit salad or fruit kabobs.  Maybe for dessert you can do a pineapple poke cake of pineapple upside down cake. 

    I like the idea of ham and hawaiian sweet rolls.

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    I would have something veggie as many people do not eat ham so make sure to have an option for those that won't eat the ham.  Anything with pineapple, some salads for sure or even chicken and pineappple grilled sandwiches.  I would still come up with a slushy type of drink that you can serve in a pineapple or at least with an umbrella.
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  • We did this theme for an event last year.  We had kabobs - chicken, beef and veggie, pulled pork mini sliders, mango rice, polynesian slaw.
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