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Help DH get some girl suggestions

Poor DH has no idea of what he likes when it comes to girl names....which leaves us both annoyed with me making all the suggestions and him turning them all down. Help me suggest some that he might not shut down!

 DS is Everett. If #2 is boy then it would likely be Calvin Jack. 

He is OK with Felicity and Cordelia but he says he doesn't get the same feeling from them as he does when he heard me suggest Everett.

I asked to suggest a name he likes...he said Carrie (I'm not a fan and our last name would make her a Sex in the City contender). He says he likes familiar names. 

I want to avoid names in the top 200 but not rule out those outside of the 100. 

Any suggestions? 

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Re: Help DH get some girl suggestions

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