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STMs: False Labor?

Any of you STMs having a lot of false labor? I mean, I have contractions all.the.time and it is so exhausting! Anywhere from 3-8 min apart. So tired. Going in for a check later today just to make sure baby is not stressed out and it's not an infection...or just early/practice labor!
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Re: STMs: False Labor?

  • Well...with my first I had the normal Braxton Hicks, but nothing that I would call a REAL timeable contraction until the day I went into labor.  Of course as a first time Mom you really have no idea what a real contraction is until you feel it.

     As a second time mom I have had quite a few timeable contractions...mainly at night.  Today they have been off and on all day...getting a bit more intense but still really far apart...not sure if you consider that false labor or not.

    I am having a repeat c-section on May 15th, so have declined internals so I have no idea if these contractions are doing anything other than make me uncomfortable.

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  • I have the same thing. I have contractions pretty much all day long, everyday, and then it intensifies at night. They are generally just the non-painful BH, but I've had a few that have hurt and several "is this it?" moments - and then nothing. I thought for sure when I had my weekly check this week that I would be really dilated because of all these contractions, but I was only 2-3.

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  • I feel like I'm having a TON more with this baby than last time. I was just check yesterday and am only 1 cm but it is really annoying.
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  • I could have written this verbatum last night. 9 hours last night of contractions...max being 17 and hour then "calming down" at 7 an hour. I went in to see my doc today just to get some peace of mind but things fizzled out. I also had 11.5 hours worth of contractions at 33 week and thankfully it WAS false labor then too. I just found out LO flipped from breech so now I am less stressed about all these contractions. Still, it's exhausting and I hope this isn't my new norm for 4ish weeks! Oof! 

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