Best Stranger Interaction!

So, we of course get the random dummy questions from strangers.  We also get the oohs and aahs and "double troubles." But today, I had the best experience!

I was leaving the grocery store, pushing the stroller and kind of dragging the cart along pathetically.  I had to wait several minutes at the door because people would look at me and then dart in front of me rather than let me pass.

So when I exited, this African man kind of came up like "No, please!" And I wasn't sure what he wanted.  He offered to push my cart so I could take the stroller.  He was all smiley and "oh, twins!" And I thought that was nice.  Then he told me HE was a twin! So we made chit-chat, got to the car and I thought that would be all.

"No, please, put the babies in the car first."  It was starting to drizzle, so I really appreciated his help.  He told me he always wanted twins, but never got them.  I told him we were completely surprised by ours, and he asked if there were any in our family (no).  When I asked if there were any in his, he said HIS MOTHER HAD FIVE SETS OF TWINS! I said she must have been a very strong woman, to which he replied, "in those days yes!"

After putting the babies in the car, I was ready to get the shopping cart back from him, but he insisted I take apart the stroller, no hurry.  So I did, and learned he was from Nigeria, (lots of multiples over there from what I'd read, and he confirmed!) and his aunt even had triplets.  

Finally, I had the stroller put away, loaded the groceries, and the man told me to have a nice day and took the empty cart back to the store.   

What a story! 

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