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Can't pack my bag bc I wear the stuff I want to take

I can't really pack bc I wear my yoga pants and nursing bra...and big undies!  Planning to grab stuff like that at last minute... which is so not me.  Sound crazy to think this will be ok?
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Re: Can't pack my bag bc I wear the stuff I want to take

  • Couldn't you have made one post about this and the car seat?


    Anyway, yes you have time. You could pack other stuff like travel size toiletries and baby's clothes if you wanted to.


    CJ 05/29/2013

  • I know what you mean.  A lot of stuff - phones, chargers, toothbrushes etc. - can't be packed until last minute.

    I made a master list of everything I'm going to need, and I keep it by my bag.  That way I can quickly refer to the list and throw things in the bag, without worrying that I'll forget anything.  

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  • Boop213Boop213
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    not crazy at all.  I didn't buy anything special to wear at the hospital. You'll have time to throw what you need in your bag :)
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  • image Bacon+lettuce+tomato:

    Couldn't you have made one post about this and the car seat?


    Anyway, yes you have time. You could pack other stuff like travel size toiletries and baby's clothes if you wanted to.

    yes I know but I thought of the car seat thing after I did this post so I did not think it was a big deal.   

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  • I'm not packing my bag until 39 weeks probably.  I only have so many pieces of clothing I like.  It's fine.
  • I labored at home for 10 hours before I went to hospital... and should have stuck it out a few more hours. It'll be fine.
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  • I feel your pain on that one. I am a chronic-planner, and having things "ready to go", just plain feels good. I tried to tell myself I'd have plenty of time to pack, but then there's the "what-ifs" with emergency issues. Or what if I just plain forget something... So I decided to pack as much as I could and ended up packing crummy clothes that I wouldn't miss. Well, then I realized that on the most important day of my life, with the most precious pictures ever taken, I'll be wearing the most crummy outfits I own. That's when I decided to suck it up and buy just a couple of new things that I know are cute AND comfy, and they went straight to the hospital bag so I wouldn't find a reason to refuse to pack them yet. Completely uneconomical, but I literally feel better knowing I don't have to think about what to grab when it's time. I might suggest throwing a sticky note on your bag with what's still missing so that pregnancy brain doesn't send you to the hospital with your big-girl panties at home.
  • ehnastoehnasto
    I don't think it is crazy. If I packed now I wouldn't have anything to wear either. I have a travel make-up bag that is packed all the time because I travel a lot for work but clothes will go in at the last second.
  • Just make a list at this point so that when you are in labor and not thinking straight you can remember all the things you planned to take. It wont take long to actually pack day of or week of. 
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  • I am planning to grab my yoga pants and comfy undies last minute as well. Knowing my luck they will be stuffed in a dirty laundry bin somewhere

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    That's what I'm planning on doing.  Usually I like things done well in advance, but my plan for the hospital bag is to pack what I can in a couple of weeks, then pack everything else when I think I'm in early labor.  Plus, we are three miles from the hospital and H can go home and get stuff if I forget.

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  • I'm going to pack my stuff last minute.  Worst case scenario there isn't time to pack and my hubs has to run home and pack for me after the baby arrives.  I'll survive.
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  • My "bag" last time was packed with our camera, some snacks for DH and a list of everything else I'd need to toss in there at the last minute.  It's not like in the movies where you look at your DH and say "It's time!" and you haul out the door.  You'll likely have many hours to pack that bag.  Hell, you'll probably have time to do a load of laundry if your yoga pants and giant undies are all dirty :)
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