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Preschool for 2s

I'm posting this here bc I'm sure there are some btdt moms and some ftms who have taught preschool.

What should I look for in a preschool for a two year old? What are some things that are def not appropriate for this age group?

B turns 2 on 5 Sept and he'll def be ready developmentally for the two or three half days.
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Re: Preschool for 2s

  • I know in our area you can't do preschool until the child is 3years and self reliant in the bathroom meaning they have to be completely potty trained and able to dress and undress to use the toilet unassisted.
    I have never heard of a preschool for 2year olds.
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  • Preschool for 2s is learning through play and keeping on a schedule. We have a ton of 2 yr part time programs!
  • FTM here but my field is closely related to early childhood development. I think a preschool class for 2 yo should focus on language growth, as that is the age where language blossoms. I'd look for some structured time (circle/story time, classroom routines) but for the majority of the learning to be done through their own explorative play. The room should be set up to elicit independent learning through play with peers with adult models (centers, weekly themes, increased responsibilities). 
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    Hm, I've never head of preschool for a 2 year old either. I would look specifically at established day cares for a "pre-school" like program. I know that all of the Montessori preschools and private preschools around us start at age 3 and have a 3 and 4 year old class. Potty training is standard too for them to be able to attend.
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  • My daughter has been in a Mom's Day Out program since she was two.  She has been in 2 days a week and at that age they focused on a letter a day.  They also had circle time, did crafts, read stories and had plain old play time.  Her school went from 9am to 2:30.  


    ETA:  Most of these programs are offered by churches for SAHM to provide kids with the social interaction that kids get while they are in day care full time.  My church starts MDO at 12 months.

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  • image Willubmine:
    I know in our area you can't do preschool until the child is 3years and self reliant in the bathroom meaning they have to be completely potty trained and able to dress and undress to use the toilet unassisted. I have never heard of a preschool for 2year olds.

    Same here.  One preschool offers a "Toddler Class" but it's just once a week and the parents stay in the classroom.

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  • Google it..... Just kidding.

    My DS was in preschool starting at 2. They kept 2 and 3 year olds separate from the rest and did rotations of activities from story time, crafts, outside time, etc... They kept the rotations like 20 minutes because their attention span is so short. There was also nap time or quiet time if they don't nap. DS was surprisingly good at group naps. I would just see what their curriculum was and make sure it isn't too advanced for your 2 year old. Ask about nap time. Maybe what their stance is on potty training... Like do they help?
    Edited to add: they did letter of the week and the week revolved around that letter. So if it was E then they did things with elephants, escimos, etc....
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  • Hen turned 2 in April and we are starting him in preschool in August (that is the start of their new term, or we would have started him already!)

    He is going 1/2 day 5 days a week at the local montessori. We decided he is ready becasue, frankly, he is bored at home. He loves being around other kids and playing but he doesn't get to do that very often.

    We love the montessori ethos (hate the price tag, but we have a sponsor, thank goodness) they are all about lessons and play and self directed learning.

    If we had no sponsor montessori simply would not be an option, but we still think Hen is ready so we'd put him in the community proram, a couple hours a day a couple days a week. Really at this age I just want him to ahve fun, do something that is all his own, and get some more time with other kids.

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  • Montessori is unfortunately off the list bc we don't have 700 laying around.

    Thanks for the help, ladies!
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  • I currently pay 179 a month for 2 days a week.  Next year my daughter will be going 3 days for a bridge program and it will be 230 a month.  
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  • We switched DD from an in home provider to a center when she turned 2.  She goes full time, five days a week.

    When she first started, she was in a class that focused mostly on social/behavioral stuff (i.e. sharing, potty training, following directions, etc.).   They also worked on her colors, numbers and letters.

    She recently moved into a classroom that is more preschool based.   More of the kids (including DD) are potty trained, and they focus more on more advanced learning (i.e. days of the week/calendar, weather, etc.).

    She has done very well there, and is learning a lot.   At her age though, we like that there's still plenty of time for free play, outside/gym time, crafts, etc.

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